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Am I living with an addict?

/Am I living with an addict?

Hader Family Week

FAST TRACK WITH YOUR FAMILY'S RECOVERY TODAY!Everyone in a family is affected by addiction.Family week provides a proven and effective process where the past can be released and the future re-imagined.Learn healthy boundaries, learn about the psychology of addiction, gain new communication skills and create a new and forgiving future. Family week is a program [...]

Ice Info Night February 24th

As part of The Hader Clinic’s addiction awareness campaign we will be holding an ‘Ice Information Night’ for family and friends of people currently struggling with methamphetamine addiction. The aim of the night will be to both help inform attendees about ways of dealing with ice addiction that can help alleviate stress that family and [...]

Addiction Awareness – Am I Living with an Addict? – Free Book

A few months ago The Hader Clinic started a fresh campaign to raise addiction awareness and help stop the increase of its prevalence in Melbourne. As part of our campaign we are committed to providing individuals and families with material written by addiction treatment specialist that may help them identify or solve their problem. Jackson Oppy, recovered [...]