28, 60, 90 day Primary Program

The Seasons Bali Primary Program is set within a boutique tropical villa and is supervised by qualified staff 24 hours a day. Within this setting, our team employs a range of evidence based therapies and wellness activities to treat addiction and alcoholism.

Our rehab program runs for 28 days, 60 days or 90 days and we can always facilitate clients choosing to extend their stay. Every resident is given a tailored treatment plan which is regularly reviewed to cater for their changing needs. This also gives our staff the ability to acknowledge every individual’s personal progress which helps to develop their developing sense of self-esteem.


Initially, clients are assessed over the phone by our Client Liaison Team so that the Medical and Clinical teams in Bali can prepare for their arrival. Once at the centre, our team provide a full medical assessment and psychosocial evaluation. At this point any detox regime and initial treatment plan will be finalised.

Many clients do not require a withdrawal period and there are a wide range of factors taken into consideration. Our skilled medical team are experienced in drug and alcohol detoxification and do everything they can to make this as painless as possible. Additionally, the clinical team deliver a great deal of psychological and emotional support to our detoxing clients.


Group Sessions also known as ‘Check In’ are a safe place for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings, offer support to each other and share their progress. Our experienced staff facilitate these groups which take place every morning during the week. The skills learnt here include effective communication, setting boundaries and supported behavioural change.


Educational sessions are an essential part of the treatment schedule and cover a wide range of topics which relate to addiction and alcoholism. These interactive groups empower our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to live a healthy life. These offer valuable insight into the disease concept, family dynamics, grief, friendships and how to deal with stress. Additionally art and drama sessions are used to develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.


Throughout the program, this topic is addressed in educational groups and at the end of a client’s stay a formal exit plan is developed. Case managers work closely with their clients to help them develop a vital understanding of how they react in challenging situations.

  • How to recognise the warning signs
  • How to manage the warning signs
  • How to create support network
  • How to identify triggers
  • How to deal with cravings
  • How to build healthy self-esteem and self-worth


  • Full assessment including General Medical Assessment
  • Airport transfers and VIP immigration service
  • All transport requirements in Bali
  • Private room with ensuite
  • 24 hour Clinical Team
  • Onsite Medical Team
  • Personal housekeeping staff
  • All in-house meals prepared by Seasons Chef



  • Educational sessions – Monday to Friday
  • Group sessions – Monday to Friday
  • Personal Case Manager
  • One individual counselling session per week
  • 12 step meeting attendance


  • Three yoga classes per week
  • Art therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Two beach exercise sessions per week
  • Meditation
  • Leisure activities and weekend excursions


  • Additional Holistic Wellness Program
  • An extensive menu of extra options is available all delivered by talented practitioners
“I have so much more confidence and self-esteem and more faith in humanity. Group check-ins were a great way to face fears, identify feelings and work through emotions.”

Are You Looking for Help?

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