Ice in Melbourne

The Hader Clinic, on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes, speaks about ice addiction in Melbourne and how ice rehab & recovery are possible with the right support.

Ice Rehab Victoria

Through participation in The Hader Clinic’s Victorian drug addiction treatment program, Simon has been given the chance to retake control of his life and own his own future.

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Ice Rehabilitation

The emergence of ICE over the past decade has radically changed the face of the addiction treatment sector. Clients present with vastly different behaviours and needs than those suffering from other form of substance dependence. ICE addicts often present with a range of psychological, behavioural and physical needs that which until the prevalence of ICE had rarely been seen in drug rehabilitation.

The Hader Clinic has developed an effective specialist IE rehab program ensuring the complex needs of each client are met and maximising the prospect of a successful long term recovery.  Our ice rehab program Melbourne utilizes a holistic treatment model  in alongside specialist psychological and medical care. Our formally qualified staff are also personally experienced in addiction, and provide an unmatched, empathetic and understanding level of understanding and expertise.

If ICE is effecting your life and you think it’s time to do something different, or perhaps you know someone else who should, contact us. We can help you identify a problem and the best treatment method available through a free consultation.