A Life Free From Addiction

Trying to imagine a life free from addiction when you are stuck in the midst of the darkness and the chaos is impossible. The self- abuse, the abusive relationships, the fear, the desperation and the pain reaches out like a wilderness of forever. The drugs and alcohol hold you hostage and it feels like there is no way out. The Hader Clinic know that this is possible with just a little help and support and we have countless examples of people living amazing lives.

Breaking free from addiction seems like an impossible dream. But is it a reality, sometimes it many feels like you are breaking one bar at a time with a blunt file and at others it’s like they dissolve by magic. Recovery from addiction is never boring and never a waste of time. Here are a few things that experience tells us:

  • A life free from addiction is possible – hundreds of thousands of people worldwide from just as many different backgrounds are doing it.
  • Recovery is as exciting as it is terrifying.
  • Recovery takes some effort. Guaranteed this work is less than it takes to use and drink and deal with or avoid consequences.
  • Addicts and alcoholics can change their spots.
  • Recovery involves other people and we cannot do it alone.
  • A life free from addiction means being patient because recovery can take time.