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How a Big Rehab Stays Small

The Seasons Hader Group has rehabs in Australia, Thailand, Bali and one set to open in Sri Lanka in a few weeks. So how does a big company like this maintain a personal approach to each individual who walks through the door? This is a very good question and one which the owners of [...]

July 7th, 2017|Addiction, Health, Life, Rehabilitation|0 Comments

Cocaine in the Brain

New research into the effects of cocaine on the brain by scientists at Cambridge University has discovered that the use of this drug results in the accumulation of iron in the brain. This may sound like a reasonably useless fact and one that pales into insignificance against the other long term effects of this [...]

April 28th, 2017|Addiction, Drug Addiction, Health, Life|0 Comments

A Hader Heavyweight

Justin Nolan, a former pro boxer, is just one of the recovery champions to have stepped out of the ring of active addiction and into the training ground of the Hader Clinic. Now, having won just over 2 years of recovery and a job as the Client Liaison Coordinator for Seasons Bali, the Hader [...]

April 27th, 2017|Addiction, Health, Life, Rehabilitation|0 Comments

New Release: ‘When Hell Freezes Over’ by Jackson Oppy

The spread of crystal methamphetamine use sees more and more families face a horrifying reality - their child or spouse or parent is an addict. Their world is a hell where Ice rules and it is far from OK. Ice took families, society and the drug-addiction treatment sector by surprise. Young users often bypassed [...]

Drug Addiction Turned Me Gay

The lies, I can’t stand the lies’. Families and loved ones always ask me, ‘Why do they lie so much?’ I told lies and committed criminal and other offences in my active addiction that I would never dream of repeating clean. I was prepared to go to diabolical extremes to get what I needed. [...]

March 10th, 2017|Drug Addiction, Family and Relationships, Health, Life|0 Comments

The Cycle of Addiction – Jackson Oppy

Do people grow out of cancer or diabetes? Of course not, cancer sufferers and diabetics need specific treatment for these diseases. So do addicts. Without treatment, addiction will get worse over time, never better. A characteristic of the disease of addiction is that it is progressive, starting out in a seemingly harmless way that [...]

Drugs and Sex: A Perfect Match?

Addicts of all types have ongoing issues with healthy emotional and sexual intimacy. This is hardly surprising when one understands that addicts engage in their addictive behaviors not to have a good time (even if that’s how their use began), but to self-soothe and avoid the pain of life. In other words, addicts drink, [...]

February 14th, 2017|Addiction, Dealing with Addiction, Drug Addiction, Health, Life|0 Comments