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Dealing with Addiction

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Get sick and get punished? The New Aussie Way.

Recent government announcements have stated that Centrelink recipients that fail drug and alcohol tests will lose some or all of their entitlements. Substance Dependence Disorder is a globally recognised psychiatric illness as outlined in the global bible of psychiatry, The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-V). Therefore we are punishing people [...]

New Release: ‘When Hell Freezes Over’ by Jackson Oppy

The spread of crystal methamphetamine use sees more and more families face a horrifying reality - their child or spouse or parent is an addict. Their world is a hell where Ice rules and it is far from OK. Ice took families, society and the drug-addiction treatment sector by surprise. Young users often bypassed [...]

Family Dynamics of Addiction – Jackson Oppy

The dynamic around a loved one with addiction is sadly consistent from family to family, across cultural and socioeconomic groups. I have not seen a family with a loved one suffering from addiction that did not fall into the dynamic described below. Understanding how these key interactions work – or don’t - and seeing [...]

Drugs and Sex: A Perfect Match?

Addicts of all types have ongoing issues with healthy emotional and sexual intimacy. This is hardly surprising when one understands that addicts engage in their addictive behaviors not to have a good time (even if that’s how their use began), but to self-soothe and avoid the pain of life. In other words, addicts drink, [...]

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The Hader Clinic: BBC Documentary – Hidden Australia Addicted to Ice

This summer many families will have untreated addicts attending family gatherings and everyone will do their best to pretend everything is ok. The normal questions like “what have you been up to?” and “how’s work going?” will be avoided. Everybody will try and get through without upsetting each other and have a nice day. Imagine [...]

Hader Family Week

FAST TRACK WITH YOUR FAMILY'S RECOVERY TODAY!Everyone in a family is affected by addiction.Family week provides a proven and effective process where the past can be released and the future re-imagined.Learn healthy boundaries, learn about the psychology of addiction, gain new communication skills and create a new and forgiving future. Family week is a program [...]

The Hader Clinic: Recovery Documentary

** UPDATE 14/7/2016 ** We are please to say that we have filled our short list of participants for a documentary about addiction and recovery and we look forward to seeing the finished product later this year.

Ice Information Night

Earlier this year, The Hader Clinic hosted a free to attend Information Night for Friends and Family of people suffering from Ice Addiction. The night was hugely successful in equipping people with the knowledge necessary for dealing with circumstances surrounding their loved ones and Ice use. Due to significant demand we will be holding another [...]

Walk for Recovery 2016

Sometimes in addiction we feel as if we have been dealt a bad hand; the truth is things could be far worse. We Won’t Let Addiction Define Us The Hader Clinic are organising a ‘Kokoda Walk for Recovery’. To pay our respects to those who had it truly hard, this October we will be walking [...]

Ice Info Night February 24th

As part of The Hader Clinic’s addiction awareness campaign we will be holding an ‘Ice Information Night’ for family and friends of people currently struggling with methamphetamine addiction. The aim of the night will be to both help inform attendees about ways of dealing with ice addiction that can help alleviate stress that family and [...]