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Our Bespoke Treatment Program is a completely private one-to-one addiction treatment program set in luxury surrounds with a personal treatment team totally dedicated to your needs.

Exclusive One-to-one Addiction Recovery Program

At the Hader Clinic, Melbourne, we understand that group-based rehab is not always suitable for clients with a high public profile, from socially prominent families, or in public office.  We understand the needs of our clients and also realize that due to work and family commitments, it is not always possible to travel too far afield. Therefore, we offer a bespoke program which guarantees total privacy and confidentiality, in a one-on-one luxury setting.

This bespoke rehab offers a truly personalized service with flexible admission dates and lengths of stay. Most importantly, we are able to arrange admission at short notice and guarantee a degree of privacy and confidentiality unmatched anywhere else.

Where is the Hader luxury rehab?

This program is located in a private residence in the beautiful township of Portsea, a holiday resort town famous for its bay, surf beaches, national park and the quaint, seaside village of Sorrento. The property you will stay in has no signage and no connection to a treatment centre, so even your closest neighbours will be unaware of the purpose of your stay.

This residence is tastefully furnished with all that is required to not only to make you comfortable but so you feel truly at home. We believe it is therapeutic to offer a residence where you can find serenity in a beautiful natural environment.

Moreover, because you are in your own private residence, pets can be made welcome by prior arrangement. Only an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the location makes tricky work situations simpler to negotiate and family visits easier to arrange.

Additionally, we can help arrange transport for arrival and departure. We aim to provide any support required so those necessary arrangements are made with minimal stress.

How long is the Hader luxury rehab?

The minimum length of stay required is 2 weeks (14 days). However, this can be extended if necessary and we can cater for much longer stays.

How does the luxury rehab centre work?

Your program is designed around your specific requirements. Moreover, each treating clinician focuses entirely on you, enhancing the results achieved in a limited time frame.

Our treatment goals are designed to ensure you have the best opportunity for successful long-term recovery.

Highlights of our luxury rehab centre experience include:

  • Your treatments will be delivered entirely one-on-one
  • Complete privacy, anonymity and confidentiality
  • Our program utilizes the best evidence-based treatment practices
  • Your primary companion works with you during your stay and is an integral part of your post-rehab support
  • You will have an exclusive treatment team at your service with 24-hour support
  • Your program can be altered from day to day to suit your changing needs

Most importantly, during your stay with us, you will never be alone, unless you wish to be.  Your personal team will be with you each step of the way, to provide you with constant support and encouragement.

Personal Rehab Service Case Manager & Primary Counsellor

A primary counsellor/case manager will work with you to identify your goals and guide your team.  The length and pace of your treatment will be based on your specific situation.

Our team will ensure you are accompanied at all times during the initial intensive stage of your treatment. Furthermore, they will attend to your well-being and accompany you to any external appointments or outings providing companionship and safeguarding a therapeutic environment.

Alternative therapies and wellness activities

In addition to clinical therapies, we highly recommend a daily programme of activity, based on your personal preferences, to help rekindle your appreciation of life.  These could include:

  • Ocean kayaking
  • Snorkelling
  • Paddle boarding
  • Beach and ocean fishing
  • Beach Walks
  • Hiking in the national park
  • Cinema trips
  • Sport or relaxation massage
  • Beauty therapies and day spas
  • Salt cave
  • Peninsula hot springs
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Personal training session
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Coffee in a local café and dinner in a restaurant

Additionally, we understand that you may need some time set aside to take care of business matters and this can be facilitated. This luxury drug and alcohol rehab caters to your every need.

Family and the luxury rehab program

If you wish to have family or significant others nearby while undergoing treatment, we can help you find suitable accommodation.  However, it is not recommended that family reside with you during your program (in very specific cases, this can be accommodated).  In addition, families can utilize our team for extra support via family counselling sessions.

Post luxury rehab support

Our commitment to your recovery extends way beyond your stay.  This is so much more than a luxury rehab centre, it really is the start of a new way of life. When it is time to return to your home environment, we are with you every step of the way.  This transition period is one of the most crucial points in a person’s recovery and our aftercare programme is tailored to reduce the potential for relapse during this critical time.

We highly recommend connecting you with one of our recovery coaches who will help you to focus on and prioritise your recovery.  They will act as your mentor by being in regular contact with you during this initial period to discuss any problems you may be facing, help inspire and motivate you and assist with any other issues.

The Hader One-on-one Luxury Recovery Program is the most exclusive luxury rehab in Australia