Our Melbourne Based Rehabiltation Admissions Process

If you’ve arrived at our website, chances are that you, or somebody you know, is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Whether you’re feeling completely hopeless, confused and unsure where to begin, or you’re becoming frustrated and hurt and want to make a change – you’re in the right place. Our innovative rehab and detox programs are designed to deliver holistic restoration of the body, mind and spirit.

Since 1998 we’ve helped thousands of people and their families break free from drug and alcohol addiction and realise their true potential in life.

Reasons for Admission

Admission to our residential rehab centre may be required in cases of drug and alcohol addiction. Often recovery is not possible until an addicted person is separated from their substance, and the environment in which they consume it.
We have private, rural retreats available for both women and men.

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Call and talk to someone who understands what you’re experiencing. We offer free private consultations, so get in touch with us today and begin the rewarding journey to recovery.

Family Intervention

The support of family, friends and loved ones is essential in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction
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Family Programs

It’s not just the addict who is impacted by addiction. We can help the families of those affected also
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Forensic Services

Achieve the most effective outcome possible through our comprehensive addiction treatment programs
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Are You Looking for Help?

If you or a loved one are facing substance abuse issues, don’t worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can stop and keep it that way. We understand that this is a difficult period of your life and we are able to help you. Please call 1800 88 33 88 to arrange free, no-obligation consultation or leave your details below.

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