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Helping families fight addiction through interventions, group therapy, and counselling

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The Hader Clinic can help you get immediate help for a loved one battling addiction. If the patient is currently in crisis, call us to organise a consultation and priority admittance.

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Support Services from The Hader Clinic

The Hader Clinic understands that addiction is a complex and multi-faceted disease. That's why we offer additional support services to patients struggling with addiction and mental health issues, no matter where they are in their journey towards recovery.

Outpatient services

Following our specialised programs, The Hader Clinic is committed to supporting patients as they reintegrate into society. We do this by offering the same safe and supported programs for patients looking to confront their addiction outside of the clinic.

Our holistic outpatient services include:

  • Daily check-ins and individual counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Peer support and group therapy

Family intervention

We know that sometimes the first step is the hardest. The Hader Clinic utilises Certified Interventionists to assist families in convincing loved ones that they need help, usually following a traumatic event. A sensitive, successful intervention can mean the difference between successful treatment and continued use.

We can help you perform and intervention by:

  • Assisting you to prepare for the intervention from beginning to acceptance of treatment
  • A proven approach based on successful elements of a range of evidence-based models
  • Kindness and compassion, but a firm, non-adversarial style of healing


Counselling invites recovering addicts to share their experiences as individuals, and with groups of peers. Our counselling sessions are conducted by highly trained staff. Many of our counsellors have previously been addicts themselves, granting patients a deep insight into life after addiction.

Our counselling services include:

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy and Psychotherapy
  • Personal mentoring and one-on-one counselling
  • Group therapy, including addiction education groups

Forensic services

If you have a client with legal issues and in need of treatment for addiction, we can help. We understand the sensitivity around legal issues, and will always assist with the highest possible degree of discrepancy.

As well as counselling and consulting, we can offer you client a range of forensic services, including:

  • Forensic assessments for all kinds of addiction and mental health issues
  • Advocacy in court and for bail to inpatient treatment facilities
  • Detailed and accurate court reports and pre-sentencing reports

Transitional housing

Addicts often need a safe and secure location to help them reintegrate into society, away from the people and situations with which they previously associated. Our transitional housing program takes place in a comfortable, private home, allowing patients to continue to facilitate their recovery outside of the clinic.

Transitional housing includes:

  • Supported recovery with an emphasis on personal independence
  • Ongoing one-on-one counselling sessions and peer support groups
  • Urine drug screening and alcohol breath testing to ensure a safe environment

Relapse prevention

Much like our other support services, aftercare and relapse prevention supports ongoing recovery. After completing our 28-Day Detox & Withdrawal Program and Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, patients can continue to improve on the changes that they have made.

Our relapse prevention services include:

  • Support from our highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Self-help groups, group therapy, and peer support services
  • Daily check-ins and individual counselling
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