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The Hader Clinic understands and provides solutions to the unique challenges posed to men overcoming drug addiction and mental health issues.

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Treating common drug rehab issues faced by men

Compared to women and other segments of society, men face unique challenges. While women are generally more susceptible to the long term effects of drug and alcohol addiction, men are far more likely to become addicted in the first place. Men also exhibit different degrees of the physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual effects of substance abuse.

Fortunately, The Hader Clinic is here to help. We apply a holistic model of treatment to all patients, meaning that men suffering drug and alcohol addiction will receive an inherently personal treatment plan. We've had decades of experience treating men with our programs.

The Hader Clinic’s Jackson Oppy explains how addicts are not able to predict how much they are going to use once they start using or control their use.

Common issues faced by men in drug rehab

Like all sufferers of addiction, men face a myriad of issues overcoming the disease. The Hader Clinic treats all of these issues in tandem — not just the physical implications of substance abuse. We understand the specific struggles that men from all walks of life face and why they rely on alcohol and drugs to cope.


The physical effects of drug addiction on men are common in both sexes, and can include:

  • STIs and other infections as a result of lowered inhibitions
  • Suppressed immune systems leading to sickness
  • Blood-borne diseases as a result of needle-sharing
  • Sexual dysfunction and complete infertility
  • Ongoing physical injuries from engaging in reckless behaviour
  • Complete physical dependence on substances
  • Increased risk of cancers


The psychological effects of male drug addiction can include:

  • Violent, erratic, or paranoid behaviour
  • Obsession and compulsion
  • Stimulant-induced psychosis
  • Increased risk of exposing latent mental health issues


Men have a range of common emotional responses to long term drug and alcohol addiction, including:

  • Confusion, anxiety and depression
  • Mood swings and erratic reactions
  • Extreme anger and rage
  • Complete withdrawal from society


Without support, men can further shoulder their emotional burdens while under the influence. Common consequences include:

  • Sexual and romantic issues
  • Lack of interest in hobbies and activities
  • Inability to function at, or loss of work
  • Stress on family and other relationships
  • Financial hardship


Trauma and addiction can manifest in anyone, regardless of sex or gender. These can potentially include:

  • Lacking personal confidence
  • Destruction of self-worth and self-esteem
  • Complete inability to function in society
  • Damaged view of self
  • Lack of interest or connection with life
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How to get started with The Hader Clinic

Book a free 60-Minute Consultation

With help from The Hader Clinic, men can work towards a healthy life free from drugs and alcohol. The first step is to book a consultation with us, where we will assess the situation. We will also conduct a comprehensive pre-assessment phase to understand your specific needs.

  1. Get in touch with The Hader Clinic
  2. Book a consultation time
  3. Fast admittance, if requested
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28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program

Men with severe drug problems and mental health issues will first need to enter the program and detox. While we treat the physical symptoms of withdrawal, we also allow men to discover their sense of personal accountability.

  1. Attend our specialist medical detox and withdrawal centre
  2. Take part in group and individual sessions
  3. Benefit from ongoing support and recreation activities
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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Many men with serious drug and alcohol dependency issues sometimes require extensive treatment beyond the first detox stage. This stage is about creating and working towards long term goals, lasting between 60 and 90 days. Here, we give men the tools and strategies they require to readjust to normal life.

  1. Attend our second stage treatment facility
  2. Engage in group and individual counselling
  3. Enjoy ongoing support from peers and staff
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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

Many men will require ongoing professional support and care following inpatient treatment. This period can sometimes take years. The Hader Clinic also offers relapse prevention programs to continually treat outpatients and help them continue to reach their goals in life in the outside world.

  1. Transitional Housing supports reintegration into the community
  2. Ongoing counselling and support
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Frequently asked questions about drug rehab for men

Why do men turn to drugs and alcohol?

There's no one single reason why someone uses drugs and alcohol in excessive quantities. Substance abuse, for many, is a coping mechanism to deal with issues in life. For men, common problems include:

  • Stresses at work, or loss of employment
  • Pressure to uphold traditional gender roles, like raising a family
  • Societal pressure to be strong and withhold emotions

However, the impetus of the addiction is not important. Treating the causes and symptoms of the disease must be approached in tandem, which is why The Hader Clinic employs a holistic model of treatment.

How does substance abuse differ between men and women?

Sex plays a large role in the development of substance abuse and mental health issues among men and women. A well-respected study published in Front Neuroendocrinal finds a number of interesting statistics about substance abuse for men:

  • Adult men are 2 to 3 times more likely than women to have a drug abuse/dependence disorder
  • Around 20% of men abuse alcohol, as opposed to 7–12% of women.
  • Women tend to increase their rate of consumption of drugs more rapidly than men, but men remain addicted for longer
  • Approximately 61% of cocaine addicts are men

There are critical biological differences between the sexes, and this proliferates into the world of substance abuse. This is the reason that The Hader Clinic approaches every patient on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that these factors are addressed.

Where are some other places men can turn for support outside of addiction treatment?

If the patient is not ready for treatment, there are government and community services for men in crisis. These include:

  • MensLine Australia — A telephone and online counselling service for men with emotional health and relationship concerns
  • HealthDirect — Detailed support for men suffering from a range of mental health issues
  • Lifeline's Crisis Support — Easy steps to follow to help men currently dealing with a personal crisis
  • BeyondBlue — Clearly, concise, and compassionate information for men about issues that affect them
  • Relationships Australia — Crisis help and support for men and families, complete with contact information
  • DVConnect — A dedicated hotline for men experiencing domestic violence or other related domestic issues

There's always support out there for men battling addiction issues, mental health problems, and other issues. The Hader Clinic understands these personal issues and can help patients overcome them.

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