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Overview of funding options

The Hader Clinic is a specialised private treatment facility dedicated to helping patients find a way out from addiction. We treat addiction holistically, meaning that we address not only the physical and psychological effects of the affliction, but also emotional, social, and spiritual elements.

To facilitate all kinds of patients and addictions, our therapeutic programs are comprised of different therapies, counselling, and other activities. These come with different costs, some of which are detailed below.

You can rest assured that our specialised treatment plans offer patients the best possible chance at long term recovery.

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A breakdown of our costs

14 or 28-Day Detox & Withdrawal Program

The first 14 or 28 days of treatment takes place at our dedicated medical hospital in Geelong. Patients will be supervised 24 hours a day as they build a strong foundation for ongoing recovery with the help of our in-house clinical psychologists, nurse practitioners, and counsellors.

Private Health

The detox and withdrawal programs are from as little as $750 out of pocket when used in conjunction with eligible private health insurance. Out of pocket expenses will vary from fund to fund and can be confirmed upon request.

Paying Clients

The base cost of the 14-Day Detox & Withdrawal program is $10,500.
The base cost of the 21-Day Detox & Withdrawal program is $14,750.
The base cost of the 28-Day Detox & Withdrawal program is $18,200.

Programs include a personalised treatment plan comprised of:

  • Initial medical and psycho-social assessments
  • Supervised detox and withdrawal management
  • Psycho-, physical, group, and cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Daily therapeutic groups and 12-step meetings
  • Individual and family counselling
  • Accommodation and all meals

To maintain a strictly substance-free setting for all patients, urine drug screening will take place from time to time

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

This second-stage program goes for 62 days, and helps patients readjust to a life without drugs. Here, patients will transfer to a separate facility at Essendon, where they will enter a structured and supported therapeutic environment.

The program starts from $15,995, and continues the treatment programs, including:

  • Daily group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Mentoring program
  • Recreation program
  • Family support group sessions
  • Accommodation and all meals

Patients will also undergo urine drug screen to maintain the safety and support of our second-stage rehabilitation facility.

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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

This program has two elements: Transitional Housing, and Outpatient Services. Transitional Housing offers patients, who have completed inpatient programs, a safe and supported environment to help them make the next step towards normal life via a halfway house setting.

This 12-week residential program begins at $14,245, and takes place at a dedicated residential environment, offering:

  • Regular individual counselling sessions
  • Daily check-ins and peer support groups
  • Weekly cognitive behavioural therapy sessions
  • Mentoring, recreation, and 12-Step programs
  • Monthly family counselling session
  • Supervision from support workers
  • Rent, utilities, and food

Our Outpatient Services program aims to continually support patients as they reintegrate with the world outside of our facilities. We aim to prevent relapse by offering patients the same support they received in our treatment facilities.

Our aftercare packages begin at $295 per week for a minimum of 4 weeks, and can include:

  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline — 1800 883 388
  • Weekly individual counselling session
  • Fortnightly family support groups
  • Urine drug screening
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Support Services

As well as Outpatient Relapse Prevention, The Hader Clinic offers a variety of services for families and addicts outside of our standard clinical programs. These are aimed at easing the transition towards residential rehab, or helping patients deal with problems outside of their addiction.

Family intervention is aimed at helping families intervene in a loved one's addiction, and usher them towards recovery. This package starts at $440 for 4 weeks, and includes:

  • One individual family counselling per week
  • Two family support group sessions per month
  • Intervention planning

Forensic services are a discreet and thorough set of services that assist clients with ongoing legal issues. These services include:

  • Forensic assessments for all kinds of addiction and mental health issues
  • Advocacy in court and for bail to inpatient treatment facilities
  • Detail and accurate court reports and pre-sentencing reports

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Private health insurance and addiction treatment

The Hader Clinic is a fully private treatment facility. If patients have private health funding, their treatment may be covered, in part, by their health fund. Depending on the patient's policy, all or some of the 14 or 28-Day Detox & Withdrawal Program can be covered.

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Insurance partners

The Hader Clinic can work with any health fund. If you have a policy with any of the below or hundreds of others, your first 28-Day Detox & Withdrawal Program may be covered in part, subject to medical assessment and eligibility check.

What you need to know

Costs for programs at The Hader Clinic will vary from patient to patient. The prices quoted on this page are to be used as a guide only, and are subject to medical assessment and eligibility check.

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