Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabitlitation Programs

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Find Support with Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Melbourne

Our Outpatient Relapse Prevention program has been designed to support patients as they reintegrate into society following the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program. Outpatient drug and alcohol detox treatment supports our patients’ long-term sobriety and hinders relapse. The Hader Clinic’s outpatient drug rehabilitation program requires hard work, but the support given can be invaluable.

The Outpatient Relapse Prevention program continues the holistic model of care practised in other stages of treatment, addressing the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual impacts of addiction.

This is addressed through two main avenues:

  • Transitional Housing, where patients are offered a safe, secure, and supported space to live as they reenter society, free from addiction.
  • Intensive Outpatients, where patients can continually revisit programs and therapies from The Hader Clinic, including peer support, and individual counselling.
The Hader Clinic’s Richard Smith explains how addicts cannot control their drug use, or predict how much they are going to use once they start.

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What our outpatient drug and alcohol programs include

  • Transitional housing
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention
  • Forensic services
  • Psychosocial educational groups
  • Individual counselling
  • Peer support groups
  • Dual diagnosis (mental health) treatment
  • Art therapy

Funding information

The Hader Clinic is a specialised private hospital. That means that some of our treatment programs may be covered in part by private health insurance. In most cases, private health insurance may reduce the cost of treatment for the first 28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program.

To learn more about costs and funding options available to you, visit our resource on funding options below, or get in touch with The Hader Clinic.

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We work with private health funds to support our patients.
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Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment at The Hader Clinic

28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program

Clients must enter our drug and alcohol detox program. This comprehensive program allows patients to overcome withdrawal, and do so in a safe environment in the care of experienced medical staff.

Patients will be given their first glimpse into a life without drugs. They will be fully supported by our holistic model of treatment, which has been designed to help the patient overcome the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual effects of addiction.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Following withdrawal and detox treatment, patients can progress to the second stage of treatment — the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program. This program can last between 60 and 90 days, and takes place at a separate facility.

This program is designed to help patients discover their own sense of responsibility and independence as their recovery continues. They will continue to follow our holistic model of treatment, including group therapies, individual counselling, and other engaging activities.

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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

After progressing through the previous stage, patients will have the tools they need to re-enter society. Recovering patients may access outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for ongoing support.

Patients can access Transitional Housing — a safe space to ease back into the world outside of our treatment facilities. Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment and outpatient drug treatment can support ongoing recovery, allowing patients to return to the programs that helped them along the way.

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How we have helped our patients

Frequently asked questions about our Outpatient Relapse Prevention

Why are outpatient alcohol rehab and outpatient drug rehab services important?

After months spent living in rehabilitation facilities, the outside world can present opportunities for sudden relapse. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs help ease this transition, and provide invaluable ongoing support for patients susceptible to slipping back into addiction.

What happens in Transitional Housing?

For patients who have completed our residential rehabilitation programs, our Transitional Housing program offers a safe and comfortable space for them to transition into the world outside. This outpatient rehabilitation program is about reintroducing the normalcy of life, and allowing patients to reenter life at their own pace.

At our transition houses, residents will:

  • Enjoy a safe, substance-free setting with urine drug screening and alcohol breath tests
  • Learn coexistence with peers in a cooperative environment
  • Find their own sense of personal accountability and ownership over recovery
  • Benefit from counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and group therapy
  • Focus on life skill development

Residents will also be encouraged to find activities outside of the outpatient drug rehab program, including recreation, volunteering, training, and part-time work. Throughout this process, you will be continually supported by our friendly team of expert staff.

What happens in Intensive Outpatients programs?

The Hader Clinic’s outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs continue the treatment patients received within our facilities. With the help of our outpatient drug detox programs, patients can maintain their sobriety while acclimating to the outside world.

Programs involved in our Intensive Outpatient program include:

  • Daily check-ins with our clinics
  • Individual counselling
  • Peer support and group therapy
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Urine drug screening

What happens after the outpatient drug rehabilitation program?

The road to recovery is far from over. Addiction is a lifelong battle that can affect a person for years and decades. Treatment never really ends, just as an addict is never fully 'recovered' from their addiction.

Patients can continue to revisit our Outpatient Relapse Prevention programs as long as they need after completing inpatient programs at The Hader Clinic.

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