Private Drug Detox and Rehabilitation Centre

The Hader Clinic runs a world-renowned rehab in Melbourne. Our rehabilitation centre in Melbourne helps client to take the first step towards a happier, healthier life where you can realise your full potential.

Our highly qualified team of drug detox and addiction experts at The Hader Clinic have been changing lives and reuniting families since 1997. We are passionate about the rehab work that we do and seek to challenge the status quo and release human potential.

We help people on a daily basis to fully recover from addiction and successfully return to full and happy lives.

Our client-focused program is designed to respond to the changing needs of the individual and treats all aspects of addiction with the most effective evidence-based therapies.

We believe suffering from addiction to be absolutely unnecessary and facilitate simple, holistic, highly effective rehab programs for you and your family to recover.

Hader Clinic Client-Focused Treatment Program

Our Melbourne based private drug detox program can be tailored to suit the needs of each client. This approach is based on the very latest addiction research and our extensive experience. Our rehabilitation centre in Melbourne believe in a holistic solution treating all aspect of addiction that provides the very best foundation for long-term recovery.

Our purpose is to guide you through the recovery process.  Clients come into rehab centre with a range of complex needs and our dedicated staff understand these needs. The Hader Clinic team is highly qualified and many of our staff also have lived-experience suffering from addiction. This combination of clinical expertize and personal experience creates a highly effective and compassionate treatment environment.

In short, it is our mission to make the recovery process as simple and easy as possible. Providing an immediate and effective pathway to your recovery.

Flexible Program Available for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

We offer a range of private rehab services in Melbourne and the surrounding area. Our residential treatment programs are available for 30, 60 or 90 days. These are followed by a range of outpatient aftercare services including transitional housing, drug rehab and alcohol rehab. Our Commercial Road offices in Melbourne also offer an extensive range of outpatient services, which includes drug counselling, family intervention, urine drug screen, mentoring services, and group therapy.

The Hader Clinic is a self-refer service and same day consultations available.

Forensic services for those that may be facing legal issues are also available. These include: in-custody assessments, court reports and court appearances.

Put simply, The Hader Clinic Melbourne is a private rehabilitation centre, providing drug detox service which have been proven to change lives. We are here to help. Get in touch today for an immediate consultation.

We look forward to working with you on your road to recovery.

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The Hader Clinic FREE Initial Consultation Process

Take the First Step

Admitting that you have a problem with substances and that using them is negatively affecting your life is very confronting. Often people feel that they are being judged and stigmatised. Sometimes they are frightened to stop and terrified not to stop or they just think that their drinking and using is not really that bad.

Over and over again we see both people who have lost it all and others who are at the beginning of their descent into addiction and alcoholism. Shame and minimising are often the two things that keep people away from seeking the very help they desperately need to make a lifestyle change.

At the Hader Clinic, our expert staff has lived experience and understand these difficulties. A free 1 hour consultation with one of our experts might just change the course of your life.

How Can We Help?

The Hader Clinic’s initial consultation is hosted by one of our addiction experts who is both well qualified and has lived experience.

In our FREE hour long, one to one consultation you will:

  • Learn to understand addiction and the addiction cycle
  • Learn why an addict simply can’t just stop
  • Understand the different options available for treatment
  • Receive a full psychosocial assessment
  • A family can learn how to conduct an intervention and get a loved one to accept help
  • Receive an individual treatment plan
  • Receive a free book, ‘Am I living with an addict’, to deepen your understanding of addiction and the recovery process.

The first part of dealing with addiction and alcoholism is to be well-informed. Knowledge is power. We guarantee that you will leave with a clearer understanding of both the problem and how to utilise the different solutions on offer.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

We can often see you on the same day

Please call our addiction experts on 1800 88 33 88

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