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Welcome and well done on having the courage to seek support from the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Australia. Our world-renowned rehab program is the first step towards a happier healthier life where you can realise your full potential.

The Hader Clinic has one of the highest success rates specialising in helping our clients remain in long-term recovery. Furthermore, our facility in Geelong is certified by the Victorian Health Board as an acute detox unit.

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Our Victorian residential rehab centre has different locations set outside the city centre and additionally, we run a number of outpatient rehab services including counselling from our central Melbourne office. The Hader Clinic believes in giving you back the choices in life.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Melbourne

Our proficient team of addiction experts at the Hader Clinic in Melbourne have been changing lives and reuniting families since 1997. We are passionate about the rehab work that we do and seek to challenge the status quo and release human potential. In addition, we help people, on a daily basis, to fight their demons and successfully turn their lives around.

Our client-focused rehab program is designed to respond to the changing needs of the individual and treats all aspects of the problem with the most relevant therapies. We believe suffering from addiction to be absolutely unnecessary and facilitate simple, holistic, highly effective rehab programs.

Our Approach to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is about people

Rehab is about you and what your needs are and about how we can respond to what you require with the right rehab expertise delivered by the right staff. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres often try and treat people in a one size fits all model and we do not do this.

We believe in a client-focused approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Moreover, our unique rehab program can be tailored to suit the needs of each client. The approach is based on the very latest addiction research and our extensive experience. We believe a holistic solution provides the very best foundation for a new way of life.

Our purpose is to help you through the process. Nobody comes to rehab because his or her lives are going well and our staff really understand this. They are highly qualified and have lived experience so they know just what it is like to walk in your shoes. Moreover, we are here to assist and guide you through this emotional time, with as little distress as possible. Your welfare, above all else, is our priority at all times.

Rehabilitation should be flexible

We offer a range of private rehab services in Melbourne and the surrounding area to suit all stages of recovery and are willing to work with you towards your rehab goals in the short and long term.

The prevalence of drugs in Australia

According to a recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report, nearly 1 in 5 people consumed levels of alcohol that put them at an increased risk of harm over their lifetime (more than 2 standard drinks on average per day).

In the same report, 2 in 5 people (42% of our population) over 14 years old reported that they have used illicit drugs at some stage in their life, with cannabis being the most common, followed by ecstasy and hallucinogens. In 2016 alone, around 3.1 million Australians used an illicit drug of some kind.

Since 2001, there’s been an increase of 5% in the report of illicit drug use, as well as a significant increase in the death rate or overdose of people using drugs. What this means is that treatment for addiction is as important as ever. 

In fact, around 1 in every 200 people in Australia are receiving or have received treatment in recent years. Around 96% of those received treatment for their own drug use, while the remaining 4% received support for someone else’s drug use. It’s also believed that more than half of all addicts required treatment for more than one drug. 

How successful is Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Australia? 

With the advancement in technology and modern treatments, drug and alcohol rehabilitation is as successful as ever. In 2016-17, more than 60% of Australians who entered rehab completed their treatment, with 80% of those completions being achieved with treatment up to three months. 

Here at The Hader Clinic, as mentioned above, we’re incredibly proud to have one of the highest success rates in the country. With our 30 and 60-90 day programs, our treatments are aimed at supporting you through the individual journey that you are on. With more than 20 years’ experience treating Melburnians since the heroin epidemic, we’ve become a trusted and effective treatment clinic that focuses on a holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Overview of Services at The Hader Clinic Rehabilitation Centre Melbourne

  • The Victorian rehab centre has a residential program which runs for between 30 and 90 days and is set over 3 distinct stages. This is our most successful program and achieves the best long-term rehab results. Furthermore, this can be followed by a range of outpatient aftercare services including transitional housing and an E-Health option.
  • Our team at the drug and alcohol rehab in Melbourne are experts in addiction and mental health. Therefore, unlike many drug and alcohol centres, we can treat both your substance problem and any co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety.
  • Our residential rehabilitation centre in Melbourne offers a fully supervised medicated detox if you should require.
  • Refresher programs for people who have attended drug and alcohol rehab in the past but have fallen out of recovery practice or have had a slip.
  • An outpatient methadone and suboxone program for those working towards a life in recovery. Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres do not offer this, but The Hader Clinic does because we believe in meeting you where you are and working from there.
  • A vibrant family program for loved ones to learn more about how to support the person in their family who is suffering.
  • As the best rehab in Australia, we offer a tried and tested family intervention service which helps loved ones facilitate treatment for their family members.
  • Additionally, we offer outpatient counselling, employee support programs and forensic services.

The best rehab in Australia is waiting for you to call for your free, no obligation consultation. Our team in Melbourne are looking forward to working with you and helping you to change your life.

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The Hader Clinic FREE Initial Consultation Process

Take the First Step

Admitting that you have a problem with substances and that using them is negatively affecting your life is very confronting. Often people feel that they are being judged and stigmatised. Sometimes they are frightened to stop and terrified not to stop or they just think that their drinking and using is not really that bad.

Over and over again we see both people who have lost it all and others who are at the beginning of their descent into addiction and alcoholism. Shame and minimising are often the two things that keep people away from seeking the very help they desperately need to make a lifestyle change.

At the Hader Clinic, our expert staff has lived experience and understand these difficulties. A free 1 hour consultation with one of our experts might just change the course of your life.

How Can We Help?

The Hader Clinic’s initial consultation is hosted by one of our addiction experts who is both well qualified and has lived experience.

In our FREE hour long, one to one consultation you will:

  • Learn to understand addiction and the addiction cycle
  • Learn why an addict simply can’t just stop
  • Understand the different options available for treatment
  • Receive a full psychosocial assessment
  • A family can learn how to conduct an intervention and get a loved one to accept help
  • Receive an individual treatment plan
  • Receive a free book, ‘Am I living with an addict’, to deepen your understanding of addiction and the recovery process.

The first part of dealing with addiction and alcoholism is to be well-informed. Knowledge is power. We guarantee that you will leave with a clearer understanding of both the problem and how to utilise the different solutions on offer.

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