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Welcome and congratulations on your decision to seek support.

You have now made the first step towards a successful recovery and your potential is unlimited.

We at The Hader Clinic exist to change lives and reunite families. We challenge the status quo and release human potential. With 18 years of continuous passionate service, we have successfully restored countless suffering people to healthy and happy lives. We believe suffering from addiction to be absolutely unnecessary and facilitate simple yet highly effective programs for you to recover.

Our purpose is to help you through the recovery process. This can sometimes be an emotionally overwhelming time. We are here to assist and guide you through this, with as little distress as possible. We will ensure your welfare, above all else, is our priority at all times.

Put simply, we exist to change lives, restoring you and your family to health and happiness.

We look forward to working with you on your road to recovery.

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Why choose The Hader Clinic?


We are Australia’s leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation service. We provide best practice, evidence based treatment programs.


We offer a range of short and longer term programs to suit the needs of the individual and their families.


We hold a proven track record of success helping thousands of people and their families breaking free of addiction since 1998.


We rely on innovative, solution-based treatment programs personalised to each client’s individual needs.


Our highly skilled and trained staff – many of whom are success stories of our program – understand addiction first-hand.


A structured family program educating family how to best help their loved ones suffering addiction. We also offer a highly effective family intervention service for those struggling to persuade a loved one to seek help.

Suffering and looking for a solution?

‘Am I living with an addict?’, written by Jackson Oppy could help you.

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Welcome to The Hader Clinic

Are you or a loved one suffering from the seemingly never-ending cycle of sickness, misery and destruction from drugs or alcohol?

The good news is addiction is not a life sentence.

Our dedicated team is driven by a shared vision to deliver holistic treatment programs that incorporate the mind, body and spirit.

To break free from addiction, call us to book a free, no obligation consultation and make recovery a reality today!


Can Things Really Change?

Please see below real testimonials from people that have experienced our programs.

“I have spent three months soul searching, sorting myself out and learning to take one day at a time. I now truly love myself and can now love others properly. This realisation to me is real ecstasy! Natural ecstasy!”
“I found that as I acquired new skills and knowledge, I changed my approach to my son which brought about some amazing results. I feel we have a long way to go but I have gained confidence with Richard and Barb’s advice, and thank them for their “phone me anytime” attitude.”
“We specialise in helping people stay well. It’s not about getting drug free, it’s about staying drug free.”
Richard Smith, Program Director & Founder of The Ray Hader Clinic.

Looking for help?

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