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To begin a 14 or 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program at our Melbourne detox centre, contact The Hader Clinic. If the situation is critical, we may be able to facilitate priority admissions.

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Understanding withdrawal and detox

The first stage of The Hader Clinic's addiction treatment is a 14 or 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program. At our Melbourne detox centre, we support recovering addicts in managing the physical symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal.

As the first stage of addiction treatment, our 28-Day Detox Program helps patients adapt to a lifestyle free from substance abuse. The Hader Clinic’s Melbourne drug and alcohol detox program focuses on addressing the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual effects of addiction. Elements of this initial program include:

Elements of this initial program include:

  • Daily group check-ins and support - Group Therapy
  • Weekly individual counselling sessions
  • Recreational activities and sports
  • Other experimental programs
The Hader Clinic explains how addicts cannot control their drug use, or predict how much they are going to use once they start.

entry into our Detox Programs begins with a priority admission service

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Services we provide at our Melbourne detox clinic

  • Detox and withdrawal management
  • Residential treatment
  • Psychosocial educational groups
  • Individual counselling
  • Peer support groups
  • Sports, recreation, and massage
  • Dual diagnosis (mental health) treatment
  • Art therapy
  • Forensic services
  • Twelve step facilitation

Funding information

The Hader Clinic is a specialised private hospital. That means that some of our treatment programs may be covered in part by private health insurance. In most cases, private health insurance may reduce the cost of treatment for the first 28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program.

To learn more about costs and funding options available to you, visit our resource on funding options below, or get in touch with The Hader Clinic.

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We work with private health funds to support our patients.
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14 or 28-Day Detox Program at The Hader Clinic

14 or 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program

After our experienced detox team guides them through the stages of withdrawal, patients at our Melbourne drug and alcohol detox program begin their first ingress into a life free from substance abuse.

As well as medical treatment and detox, patients are given plenty of emotional and psychological support, as they find new ways to reaffirm their view of life, both socially with others, and spiritually, with themselves.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Following our 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program, patients are invited to progress to the next stage of treatment, where they are supported in ongoing rehabilitation between 60 and 90 days.

Successful recovery requires an introduction to a healthy life, which this second-stage program facilitates. Throughout this holistic therapy program, patients are encouraged to find their own sense of responsibility and accountability.

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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

Upon completion of 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program and the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, recovering addicts often require additional support as they reintegrate into an outside life free from drugs and alcohol.

This third stage of treatment supports this progression with Intensive Outpatient treatments. It gives patients access to Transitional Housing and counselling, giving them a greater chance of succeeding in the long term.

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Frequently asked questions about our 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program

I don't think I need detoxing. Can I just move to the next step?

No. To ensure the best possible chance at long term recovery, every addict needs detoxing. Our 28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program is designed to help you manage the difficult initial steps of addiction treatment — the physical dependence on substances. We overcome this in the first 28 day program for alcohol rehab.

Depending on the substance and scope of addiction, withdrawal can be incredibly dangerous without assistance. The Hader Clinic’s specialised Melbourne detox facility will help you overcome this process and begin detoxing.

When can I begin the 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program?

Patients can join our drug and alcohol rehab programs once they’ve completed our free 60-Minute Consultation. Specialists at our Melbourne detox clinics will formulate a personalised plan to follow during your 28-Day Detox Program.

In some cases, addicts may require an intervention performed by a Certified Interventionist. For more information about the intervention process, see our page on drug addiction.

What are the costs of the 28-Day Detox and Withdrawal Program?

The cost of our Melbourne detox program depends on the measures needed to help you overcome your addiction. For some patients, the 28-Day Detox Program involves medical detoxing; for others, it requires holistic therapies like yoga and art therapy.

Patients seeking treatment with private health cover may be funded by their health fund. To learn more about the specific funding options available to patients, contact The Hader Clinic.

What can I bring with me to the 28-Day Detox Program?

There are strict stipulations about what patients can and cannot bring into our Melbourne detox centre. First and foremost, patients will need their Medicare card. Food, bedding, and other essentials are provided for patients.

Patients are asked to bring their own toiletries and clothing, including sporting wear, swimmers, and footwear. Cigarettes are allowed at our Melbourne detox facilities, but patients must bring a supply to last them the entirety of their stay.

Under no circumstances can patients bring drugs or alcohol, commercial reading material, electronic devices, or confectionery.

What is Care and Recovery Coordination?

Care and Recovery Coordination supports people with alcohol and other drug dependencies who are experiencing complex challenges. It creates a unique treatment plan that brings together different services from across the system , including alcohol and other drug, mental health, legal and other services.

At Hader Private we have a dedicated Care and Recovery Coordination team who are trained and experienced in supporting people facing all kinds of challenges. Your life is too precious to waste with addiction. Effective treatment is available now. When you make the first step to seek help, ensure it is on the best path to success.

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