Our Private Residential Rehabilitation Centre

90 Days to Freedom

30 days of intensive inpatient addiction treatment + 60/90 days of supervised practice

Our Melbourne-based addiction treatment clinic has two residential retreats that provide safe, therapeutic and nurturing environments for our clients. Inpatient addiction rehab at The Hader Clinic was adjusted in 2018 to fit emerging best practice models and now takes place over two stages with differing degrees of supervision, at two separate locations.

In reality, and from a therapeutic angle, the idea is to give clients the opportunity to practice the life skills they have learnt in the first 30 days more independently while still having the support of Hader’s clinical team. What’s more, this model of residential rehabilitation is based on the principle that you need to participate in life again, as soon as possible, with the continuing support of a dedicated and professional team.

Primary Program – The first 30 days of intensive inpatient addiction treatment.

The Primary Program is fully supervised by our clinical and medical teams 24/7 and operates a full compulsory schedule. This is designed to kick-start the recovery process and fully remove clients from all tempting people, places and things associated with their addiction. In addition, if required we can facilitate a period of detoxification which is fully supervised by our medical team.

  • Daily Check-in Group every day
  • Psychosocial Educational Groups
  • Individual Counselling every week
  • Daily peer support group
  • Sports and recreation

To graduate to the next part of the program the client must be off all detoxification medication and have the consent of their group and the staff.

Secondary Program – 60 to 90 days

The Secondary Program takes place at another retreat location and provides a comfortable base for the next stage of your recovery process. Here you get substantially more freedom to join in sporting activities, try out new things and get involved in life again.

Daily Check In Group

Psychosocial Educational and Core Groups

Individual Counselling every week

Daily Peer support group

Tertiary Program

A tertiary level of care or Transitional Housing is also on offer for who want it and this is essentially a sober living house at a third location. All parts of the Hader Clinic program gradually build on each other to help clients to make a seamless transformation into a recovery based life long-term. The Hader Clinic is client focused inpatient addiction treatment at its best.

 ( Link to page on Transition)

Recovery-based Residential Rehabilitation Program

The Hader Clinic’s team consists of highly qualified staff including clinical psychologists, registered nurse practitioners and drug and alcohol counsellors including many people with lived experience. During your inpatient stay you will participate in recovery-based educational and therapy groups which are based on psychological treatment models including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy. Additionally, you will work one on one with a counsellor on a weekly basis to explore your issues more deeply.

Dual Diagnosis and Residential Rehabilitation

Our clinical and medical teams are highly experienced in working with clients who are suffering from substance dependence and other mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychotic disorders. Furthermore, our consulting psychiatrist has many years’ experience working in this complex area of dual diagnosis. Furthermore, it should be noted that clients with complex comorbid conditions should remain in the highly supervised Primary Program for longer.

A Holistic Model of Addiction Treatment

We believe recovery from drug and alcohol addiction must be holistic so our residential rehab program provides treatment for the mind, body, and spirit and provides a range of activities including:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Personal training and fitness
  • Recreational activities*
  • Massage*

*Massage and Recreational Activities may incur additional fees.


“I have completed the program and now have the chance to move on in my life substance free.”

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