Can private health help pay for detox?

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private health pay for detox
Drug addiction
The Hader Clinic
The Hader Clinic
March 16, 2021
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Find out whether you are covered for rehabilitation treatment under private health

Countless Australians struggle with addiction daily. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, and gambling addiction — along with a range of other addictive behaviours — causing distress and harm to the sufferer and their network of loved ones, family, and friends.

Addiction comes in many forms and will affect everyone differently. When you feel that it is time for you to seek help, you may turn to a rehabilitation clinic for the support and treatment you need to recover from your addiction. For some people, the journey to recovery from addiction can be done without the support of a treatment centre. For others, they need the professional help that a rehabilitation clinic offers.

A key factor in whether you can choose to enter a rehabilitation clinic as an inpatient is the cost of the service. After all, the fee for entering a private rehabilitation clinic includes a suite of services such as medical and psycho-social assessments, detox and withdrawal management, psychological treatment and therapy, 12-step meetings, daily therapeutic groups, counselling, as well as all accommodation and meals. As a result, rehabilitation can be a potentially costly investment in your future – but one that is fundamental to your recovery.

But how do you engage in rehabilitation treatment if you are concerned about how you can fund your stay? In this article, we are going to explore whether private health can cover some or all of the costs associated with rehabilitation treatment.

If you would like to know more about the costs and funding options for treatment at The Hader Clinic, please call and speak to our friendly team. We are here to help you and can answer any questions you may have.

Does private health cover rehab?

In Australia, we are lucky to have access to a range of publicly-funded medical services such as doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare treatments and services. Many of these services do not require any out of pocket payment to use.

Specialised treatment such as inpatient rehabilitation, on the other hand, is an industry that is largely privately run, and which requires an out of pocket payment to cover the costs of using these services.

If you are considering an inpatient stay at a rehabilitation clinic, the cost for an initial 28-day stay can cost from $14,750 — a figure which covers all accommodation, meals, psychological treatment, and detox and withdrawal support.

For many people, this kind of payment is out of reach. However, if you have private health cover in place you may be able to fund your rehabilitation treatment — in part or in full — through private health.

What kind of cover do I need for private health for rehab?

private health cover rehab

In order to be able to claim the cost of rehabilitation treatment through private health insurance, you need to have cover for inpatient psychiatric hospital treatment as part of your policy. For some policyholders, this is a benefit they may not have included in their policy, as this is generally an inclusion in top-tier or gold level private health cover.

  • The level of cover which includes inpatient psychiatric treatment can commence at around $200 per month for a policy.
  • Waiting periods for commencing a claim for inpatient psychiatric treatment for addiction can commence at two months for some policies.
  • It is possible to sign up for a private healthcare policy, submit to the waiting period of two months, and then discuss the option of seeking admission to a rehabilitation treatment centre with some of the cost offset by private health.

The problem is, can you afford to wait two months for treatment? You may feel that the cost is too high for you to enter a rehabilitation clinic – but if you continue to struggle and suffer without seeking treatment, what is the alternative?

Cost versus benefit for rehab treatment with private health

We recommend that anyone seek help at the earliest possible moment in their battle with addiction. After all, addiction by its very nature is a set of behaviours that, despite any personal efforts, are difficult to change.

  • While addiction treatment may seem costly, the alternative of not seeking treatment is often even more so.
  • There are options out there when you need support in overcoming your addiction, and we are always here to help — so please get in touch to find out more about funding options for your rehabilitation treatment.

It may also be worth speaking to a private health fund if you are grappling with the financial cost of rehabilitation treatment. You will find that health insurance providers are sympathetic to your financial needs and will endeavour to find a solution that works to meet your particular circumstances.

Contact The Hader Clinic today

At The Hader Clinic, we work with any and all health funds. Explore some of the many private healthcare providers we have relationships with, and discover a range of funding options that are available to you. You may find that, subject to any necessary medical assessment and eligibility checks, your first 28-Day Detox & Withdrawl is covered in part.

The best option if you are looking to find out more about funding your rehabilitation treatment is to speak to us directly. We are available to answer any questions you may have and are always here to discuss options.

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