Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Located in Melbourne, The Hader Clinic offers a range of solution-based programs for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our program is private and we offer immediate admission.

As addiction permeates every aspect of one’s life, our specialised rehab programs incorporate a holistic methodology that addresses all areas of life including the mind, body and spirit.

Our expert team, many of who have successfully recovered from active addiction, are a highly qualified team of professionals dedicated to treating addiction.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and each client’s particular needs are individually assessed to create a specific treatment plan. This ensures that you or your loved one can achieve the desired goal of becoming, and remaining, drug and alcohol free.

Find out more about our specialised treatment programs:

Residential Treatment

We offer a 90-day full detox and rehab. This is located at a comfortable, intimate and private setting on the Bellarine Peninsula.
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Aftercare & Relapse Prevention

We believe that long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol is possible. We’ll help you with any hurdles you may face.
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Transitional Housing

Reintegrate back into the community with ease in our supported accommodation program; located in inner suburban Melbourne.
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Intensive Outpatients

We offer one-on-one counselling and group therapy
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Dual Diagnosis Program

Our private rehab can treat mental illness and substance abuse problems
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“I have attempted recovery and rehabilitation in the past to no avail. This time, with your help, I have at last been offered and embraced a program that has turned my situation, my thoughts, my actions…my life around.”

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