Deciding to enter rehab is a difficult step. Your next challenge will be to select a clinic that offers a drug rehab program that will best meet your needs. How can you tell whether a program is suitable for you and will help facilitate your recovery? Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a drug rehab program here in Melbourne.

  1. Success Rate

Ultimately, you want to know that the program you enter will provide you with the best opportunity to overcome your addiction. If the centre can’t give you an indication of how many people successfully complete the program, then you should question how proven their treatment truly is.

  1. Genuine Outcomes

Successfully completing the treatment is one thing, but are you set up to sustain your recovery for the long term. A quality drug and alcohol rehab program will equip you with the tools, resources and coping techniques to remain drug-free for as long as you can. Of course, your will power and determination is a key factor, but it’s the guidance and support that will truly ensure your addiction is behind you.

  1. Holistic Approach 

Is it just medication used to help you overcome your addiction, or are there a range of support mechanisms and activities put in place? Look for a program that includes additional support options such as counselling and peer groups, that will allow you to share your inner thoughts and talk through your problems. Can you engage socially, or in sport or activities such as meditation and yoga? After all, it’s about getting normality back into your life, not just focusing on the effects of the drug itself.

The Hader Clinic is a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Melbourne that has a proven track record of helping Melburnians overcome their addictions. We’re here to support through your individual journey and guide you on a path to a drug-free life. Our expert team have had years of experience in assisting patients and meeting their specific needs. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information or support.