It is no secret that the Melbourne drug culture has shifted. As a nation, we are now in the midst of an Ice Epidemic that is sweeping through the suburbs; leaving little but destruction and despair in its wake.It can be a hard thing for anyone to avoid, with prevalence rates amongst almost every demographic soaring. However, we understand that avoiding the drug is hardest when you’re trying to break away from the grips of addiction itself.

Breaking Ties with the Crowd

We all know that peer pressure is one of the most influential factors impacting on our actions; however, it can be a hard thing to admit. We are all social by nature, but sometimes the relationships we have built are doing more harm than good.
It is important when you acknowledge your addiction and make a decision to change you do not fall into the trap of associating with others who have not made the same commitments to themselves. If a person has no vested interest in their own mental health and well-being, it is unlikely they have much interest in yours.

Avoiding the Wrong Environments

Even when we socialise with people that promote a healthy lifestyle we can still be putting ourselves at risk of temptation. In the early days of recovery it is important to make well informed decisions about where you spend your time. For example, even though work can be a very helpful instrument in recovery, it would not be wise to attend an end of year work function where heavy drinking and potential substance abuse is likely to take place.

Substitute Your Spare Time

One of the biggest adjustments when beginning on the road to recovery is trying to fill the time that until now was devoted to substance abuse. The days can seem to grow longer and boredom can set in, leading to temptation. It is imperative that you find a suitable use for your new found abundance of time.
You should get involved in something that you enjoy. Perhaps think back to days before substance abuse, there are probably lots of things you found interesting and enjoyable. It can be something as simple as painting or playing video games, or a group activity like re-joining a sports group (exercise can be a great addition to your recovery plan).

Need Further Help?

At Raymond Hader Clinic we fully understand the numerous trials, tribulations and temptations each person will face when embarking on the road to recovery. Our rehabilitation centres offer specialised addiction treatment options that provide individuals the best opportunity available to recover.

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