“I was on my way home from work alongside hundreds of other commuters; the peak time train ride from Melbourne City back to Ringwood. Those of us who were Ringwood bound set foot off the train, and I made my way to my connecting bus stop. There were two kids at the bus stop, I say kids because they can’t have been more than 15 years old, passing a glass pipe back and forth, broad daylight in front of hundreds of commuters. Against my better judgement I enquired as to what they were doing smoking Ice, being of such a young age. They both turned, looked at me, and one of them replied: ‘cause I can’t get off it’.” – Ringwood Commuter

Addiction in Melbourne

It is a sad sight. If you have known someone that has taken ice in the past decade, chances are you’ve known someone who was addicted. A friend, a brother, sister, mother, father; addiction knows no boundaries.

Unfortunately, as drugs like ice are becoming more available, the prevalence of serious addiction is increasing exponentially. We need to do something, stop talking about what we should do about the issue and take action.

The Hader Clinic has been working to stop addiction in Australia for over 18 years. It is a tough battle but we take pride in the success we have working with people from any and all demographics.

Let’s Stop Addiction in Melbourne

We aim to prevent the further increase of addiction in our suburbs and help restore our beloved Melbourne back to a beautiful city, free from the grips of addiction. The Hader Clinic is planning to campaign even harder and push further regarding awareness and prevention methods surrounding addiction.

If you have been affected by addiction, whether it be you personally or through its effect on a loved one, know that there are those of us who are campaigning for its end. By working together and continuing to raise awareness around an already highly prevalent issue we can truly make a positive difference.