Alcohol Counselling Melbourne

Alcohol Counselling at the Hader Clinic

Alcohol counselling works in the treatment of alcoholics because it helps people to gain a new perspective, deal with emotions they find challenging and resolve relationships they find difficult. It is a way of aiding people to deal with life without them having to resort to picking up alcohol. Likewise, there must always be a counselling component to any well-rounded course of alcohol rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the approach of alcohol counsellors can be many and varied as they often draw on different types of therapy to suit the client in their care. A range of different therapeutic models have been proven to work in the treatment of alcoholism and it is generally agreed by mental health professionals that the type of methodology employed should depend on the individual being treated.

Modalities used in alcohol counselling

Some of the modalities of alcohol counselling used in treatment include some of the following which are blended together to suit the client. This is client focused alcohol treatment at its best.

  • CBT
  • Group Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • 12 Step Facilitation Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Experiential Skills Training
  • Family Therapy
  • Clinical Psychology

Residential Treatment at the Hader Clinic

During any of the residential rehab programs run by the Hader Clinic, you are assigned a counsellor or psychologist who will work with you during your stay. Often drug and alcohol use is a symptom of broader issues and working one on one is an important part of resolving these.

Group work is also very beneficial and our staff facilitate both check-in groups and psychosocial educational groups. Both of these work on supporting behavioural change and helping clients to develop effective communication skills.

Refresher Courses and Alcohol Counselling at the Hader Clinic

Alcohol counselling is also an important part of the refresher course that we run. This program is for people who have already completed a course of treatment but have either had a slip-up or feel like they have fallen away from recovery practices.

Relapse Prevention and Alcohol Counselling

Relapse prevention is an integral part of all our rehab programs and alcohol counselling forms a very important part of this. Clients who attend the residential program will benefit from an integral component and ongoing aftercare. This may include an E-Health Package which clients can participate with online.

Outpatient Alcohol Counselling Melbourne

There are also a number of outpatient services that we offer from our Commercial Road office and one of these is outpatient counselling. To engage in this you do not necessarily need to have been through our residential program.

Options for Alcohol Counselling Melbourne

The Hader Clinic offers both inpatient and outpatient alcohol counselling embracing a number of different evidence-based modalities. To get in touch with us about either of these options please call our addiction experts to find out more about what will suit you.