A few months ago The Hader Clinic started a fresh campaign to raise addiction awareness and help stop the increase of its prevalence in Melbourne. As part of our campaign we are committed to providing individuals and families with material written by addiction treatment specialist that may help them identify or solve their problem.

Jackson Oppy, recovered addict and addiction treatment specialist in Melbourne, has written a book relating to the trials and tribulations an individual or family will face when dealing with addiction, and The Hader Clinic are offering anyone who would like a copy, a free copy.

Am I Living with an Addict? (Excerpt)


This book is a resource for family members and friends who suspect a loved one might be a drug or alcohol addict and also for individuals who think they may be suffering from addiction. 

Addiction is a complex and confusing illness. It is a growing problem that impacts millions of addicts and their families and friends worldwide. If you have been trying desperately to help your loved one and nothing you have done has had a lasting impact, this book is for you.

It does not matter how intelligent, well-educated, caring, understanding or willing you are to help yourself or someone you love, addiction is too powerful to tackle solo. Neither addict nor those who love them can do much without help.

When faced with a chronic illness the most logical and effective way to deal with it is to consult the experts in the field; people who have the knowledge and experience specific to that illness; professionals who have the expertise and resources; and who deal with that illness every day. The insight of these specific professionals is what you will find in these pages.

So if you have done the rounds of well-meaning general practitioners, counsellors and other health professionals but have experienced little or no sustained recovery for yourself or your loved one, then read this book. It will untangle the web you have found yourself in and show you the way out. It provides a solution that is easy to understand and has worked for many people who thought their situation was hopeless.

Addiction can and will be overcome with access to the right information, education and correct treatment.

Having survived 15 years of active drug addiction and come out the other side, I understand the gravity of addiction and the havoc it wreaks on families. Here I have provided a pathway based on real life experience and the understanding that families and addicts need help and support to recovery from this chronic illness.

As you read you may laugh or cry, but most importantly you will identify with this common problem and you will realise that you are not alone. And that effective help is available.


If you would like a free copy of Am I Living with an Addict simply fill out the below form and we will post you your copy on the same day.

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