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GOLD STANDARD ADDICTION TREATMENT = 90 DAY RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT PROGRAM WHY 90 DAYS? The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) considers, based on research into the science of addiction that a minimum of 90 days’ residential treatment will have a significantly stronger outcome with reduced relapse rates compared with those who stay for shorter [...]

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How Does Your Loved One Addiction Affects You

How does your loved one addiction affects you Addiction is like a black hole that sucks all those around into its orbit, this includes family, friends and colleagues. Helping someone battling an addiction as well as maintaining your own health and wellbeing can be very challenging. People using drugs are frustrating, irrational and often [...]

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Can Meditation Help with Addiction Recovery

Why is meditation an effective part of an addiction treatment plan? The unassuming and ancient practice of meditation can be a powerful component to any addiction treatment plan. Getting clean is a messy business fraught with emotional and physical pain which needs to be dealt with a new and less destructive way. Meditation is [...]

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12 Survival Steps for the Families of Addicts

12 Survival Steps for the Families of Addicts  Helping a family member who is suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol is nothing short of a minefield. There are cluster bombs of unmanageable emotions, both theirs and yours and an endless push and pull between right and wrong and fact and fiction. It’s pretty [...]

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ICE AND SEX: IT’S COMPLICATED Families and partners will often confide that their loved one is not only using ICE but that their sexual conduct has changed dramatically since they started using. The most common concerns are that of infidelity among partners and the addicted adult children of concerned family members turning to sex [...]

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Methadone to Abstinence Programs

Methadone to Abstinence Programs The urban myths that surround methadone and its use in the treatment of heroin addicts are many and varied. Drug use itself has a whirlwind of rumours which manifest it in its wake, both in regards to the drug and the individual using it. Is this because honesty amongst addicts [...]

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Substance Abuse and Comorbidity

Substance Abuse and Comorbidity Hard wired for madness or an innocent child gone wrong? There are so many stories surrounding addiction, alcoholism and how to recover. What do we believe? How can you stop using or drinking? Where did the problem start? Does this matter? How can you help an addict or an alcoholic? [...]

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Bipolar and Addiction

Mental health is a complex and often overlooked area of medicine and psychiatry which can have enormous ripple effects on the individual and their families. This blog looks at the interaction and treatment of bipolar conditions and addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, please be under no illusion, this information is no substitute for [...]

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"Ice-induced psychosis has become part of their story" By the time the addict is displaying signs of ice addiction and unmanageability or is presenting at treatment centres you can be sure that ice-induced psychosis has become part of their story.  What we must understand is that the far-fetched, highly paranoid delusions they are experiencing [...]

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