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New Release: ‘When Hell Freezes Over’ by Jackson Oppy

The spread of crystal methamphetamine use sees more and more families face a horrifying reality - their child or spouse or parent is an addict. Their world is a hell where Ice rules and it is far from OK. Ice took families, society and the drug-addiction treatment sector by surprise. Young users often bypassed [...]

Drug Addiction Turned Me Gay

The lies, I can’t stand the lies’. Families and loved ones always ask me, ‘Why do they lie so much?’ I told lies and committed criminal and other offences in my active addiction that I would never dream of repeating clean. I was prepared to go to diabolical extremes to get what I needed. [...]

March 10th, 2017|Drug Addiction, Family and Relationships, Health, Life|0 Comments

Family Dynamics of Addiction – Jackson Oppy

The dynamic around a loved one with addiction is sadly consistent from family to family, across cultural and socioeconomic groups. I have not seen a family with a loved one suffering from addiction that did not fall into the dynamic described below. Understanding how these key interactions work – or don’t - and seeing [...]

The Cycle of Addiction – Jackson Oppy

Do people grow out of cancer or diabetes? Of course not, cancer sufferers and diabetics need specific treatment for these diseases. So do addicts. Without treatment, addiction will get worse over time, never better. A characteristic of the disease of addiction is that it is progressive, starting out in a seemingly harmless way that [...]

Drugs and Sex: A Perfect Match?

Addicts of all types have ongoing issues with healthy emotional and sexual intimacy. This is hardly surprising when one understands that addicts engage in their addictive behaviors not to have a good time (even if that’s how their use began), but to self-soothe and avoid the pain of life. In other words, addicts drink, [...]

February 14th, 2017|Addiction, Dealing with Addiction, Drug Addiction, Health, Life|0 Comments

Doctor’s Sedating the Nation Since 1966

The Rolling Stones famous 1966 song: ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ which made a controversial comment about the housewives popping benzos like candy, rings as true today as it did 50 years ago. These pills are kindly prescribed by the trustworthy family doc, so why wouldn’t you take them and why wouldn’t you do as they [...]

January 31st, 2017|Addiction, Family and Relationships, Life|0 Comments

The Hader Clinic: BBC Documentary – Hidden Australia Addicted to Ice

This summer many families will have untreated addicts attending family gatherings and everyone will do their best to pretend everything is ok. The normal questions like “what have you been up to?” and “how’s work going?” will be avoided. Everybody will try and get through without upsetting each other and have a nice day. Imagine [...]

Why is Rehab a Good Idea for Meth-Heads?

Ice or Methamphetamine is the Rocky Balboa of the contemporary drug world and something you really don’t want to go up against single handed. This substance is a highly potent stimulant that jabs with unmitigated speed and releases approximately 1250 units of dopamine, a ‘feel good’ chemical neurotransmitter, into the user’s brain. Compare this, if [...]

January 20th, 2017|Addiction, Drug Addiction, Rehabilitation|0 Comments