Not interested in attending rehab, even though friends and family have suggested it? While you might have legitimate reasons for why drug rehabilitation isn’t suitable for you, you could be under a false impression of what it involves. Only you can decide whether to seek help, but if you’re doing it without all the facts, you’re only shortchanging yourself.

Here are the most common myths surrounding drug rehab centres:

“All addicts are treated the same”.

Rehab centres understand that each person and their addiction is unique. The staff at drug rehab centres are trained at handling all different types of drug addiction and understand that weaning patients off different drugs requires specific attention and techniques.

“It doesn’t work. I know someone who entered rehab and then relapsed after release”.

Treatment is proven to be highly effective in treating alcohol and drug abuse. While there’s no guarantee it will work for everyone, people who genuinely want to turn their lives around can benefit significantly from treatment.

“I can’t afford it. Rehab centres are too expensive”.

While some drug rehab centres are pricey, there are options and payment plans out there to suit different budgets. It’s more expensive, in the long run, to go without treatment and allow your life, career and relationships to suffer.

“I don’t need rehab. I can do it by myself!”.

While it’s possible for you to quit your vice all on your own, it takes tremendous willpower and relapse is incredibly common in these cases. Drug rehab facilities give you accountability, support and advice from experts and therapists that will provide you with sustainable coping methods for the long-term.

“I don’t need rehab. I have this under control. It’s not like I’ve hit rock bottom”.

Why wait until rock bottom? Yes, you’re holding down a job, and your family is still together – but what would happen if things got worse? It’s only a matter of timing until things spiral out of control. It’s always better to be ahead of your problems than to try and catch up.

“Rehab will cure me forever”.

Most people live long and happy lives after attending rehab, but the sad fact is that there’s no guaranteed ‘cure’ for any addiction. It’s recommended that recovering patients plug themselves into a support network to hold themselves accountable.

After reading this article, hopefully you have a better understanding of what a drug rehab program could provide you in your addiction journey. If you’re interested in finding a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Melbourne, the Hader Clinic can help. We have experience with a variety of cases and treat each patient with the care and attention that they deserve. Contact us today!