Drug Rehab Melbourne

Drug addiction is something that many people struggle to understand: “Why don’t you just stop?” The chronic drug seeking behaviour of the addict means they continue to use despite physical, psychological and emotional consequences. Repetitively taking drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, ice, heroin or even prescription drugs can also lead to significant costs for family members, friends and loved ones.  Just stopping seems like the most simple solution and infinitely cheaper than going to an expensive inpatient drug rehabilitation centre.

However, it is not quite as straightforward as this because drug addiction is a complex condition of the brain which affects both the pleasure and reward centres. For the last few decades, science has touted two theories that frame addiction as either a disease or as a choice. On the other hand, if we understand the brain as a highly adaptable organ we reach a far more sophisticated model which explains the situation far more comprehensively.

Rather than just an arbitrary choice, the addict’s brain remaps itself over time to make feeding addiction the most natural course of action. When a person indulges in an addictive behaviour or takes drugs the brain floods with dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

The release of these is not only immediately rewarding but also tells the brain: “Remember how this happened so you can feel this way again.”

Many people fail to recognise that over time, without drug rehabilitation services, using substances will damage the structure and function of the brain, stopping the ability to think and act rationally. Furthermore, this answers the question of why drug addicts continue using despite the consequences of their actions and become less and less able to change as time goes on.

Drug addiction help

Drug addiction treatment, therefore, should be a reorientation of the brain and a rewiring of the neural pathways. Inpatient drug rehab over a 90 day period is the most comprehensive way of doing this and studies from many different sources (as well as the The Hader Clinic’s own research) show this approach yields the best results.

Flexible drug rehab programs

The Hader Clinic provides the best, evidence-based drug addiction help and has a unique way of dealing with this 3-month time frame. Our approach is flexible and patient-centred meaning that you will never pay for more treatment than you need.

The program has an obliquity 30 days of intensive inpatient rehab followed by a further 60 to 90 days at a secondary facility with less staffing and more freedom. The drug rehab treatment team will develop a plan to suit your needs and reserve the right to keep clients in the primary program if it is deemed to be the best clinical decision.

The Hader Clinic comprises of GP’s, psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors who support you through the process from admission to discharge and aftercare. All you need to do to get help is to pick up the phone to our team; it doesn’t matter if you are a family member or the person who needs to go to drug rehabilitation.

A tailored individual drug detox program

The Hader Clinic is a registered provider of acute drug and alcohol detox in the state of Victoria. This leading service is facilitated by our team and supervised by our nursing staff 24/7.

Recognising the need for drug addiction treatment

Drug addiction can cause devastating problems, profoundly damaging all areas of your life including your ability to function on a daily basis, your relationships, your performance at work, and your general physical health and quality of life. Some of the features of drug addiction can be recognised as:

  1. Tolerance
  • A need for noticeably increased amounts of the substance to achieve intoxication or desired effect
  • The markedly reduced effect with continued use of the same amount of the substance
  1. Withdrawal
  • The characteristic withdrawal symptoms specific to the substance being used.
  • The need to take that substance or another closely related substance to relieve withdrawal.
  1. Often using larger amounts or over longer periods of time than was intended
  2. Unsuccessful efforts to cut down
  3. Loss of control
  4. Social, occupational, or recreational activities are abandoned or reduced
  5. The person knows drug use causes psychological/physical problems but continues using

Our Free Drug Rehab Addiction Assessment

When you call a member of our team we will invite you to our office in central Melbourne for a free assessment with one of our experienced addiction experts. Before we admit anyone to our drug rehab centre we need to know more about you and your situation. During this process we will take a detailed history of your drug use and our skilled team will discuss the best treatment options for you. This assessment process takes approximately one hour and there is no obligation to continue with our drug rehab services.