Drug Addiction Help with Family Intervention

The staff at the Melbourne office of The Hader Clinic know just how difficult it can be to get involved with someone’s drug or alcohol problem. Even more so if it is a loved one who is having these difficulties.

We have developed a highly successful family intervention program where we work alongside the family to encourage the individual experiencing addiction to accept help and begin their journey in recovery. With an emphasis on empathy and compassion for all clients and their families, our practitioners will help guide you every step along the way.

We achieve this through a highly structured, step-by-step program that has achieved great success in helping people into rehab and other drug and alcohol drug treatment centres and programs.

What is Family Intervention?

A family intervention is a carefully planned event undertaken by the family of the person who is experiencing substance abuse problems. Concerned family members will gather together to express their concern, and to talk to the person about their drug or alcohol addiction.

This can involve listening to examples of damaging behaviour and the impact that they have had on you, offering an already organised treatment plan, and also by stating what you will do if the loved one refuses to seek help and accept rehab or detox.

Our expert team of interventionists will help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family in a very short period of time. Often what families have been trying to achieve over years, which is getting their loved one into treatment, we can collaboratively achieve in only a few days.

But Am I Doing the Right Thing?

How We Can Assist Your Loved One with Addition Intervention, Family Intervention Help

The Hader Clinic in Melbourne offers a residential detox and rehabilitation centre, a transitional housing program and intensive outpatient support. We are able to treat dual-diagnosis patients are we boast a team of highly qualified, experienced and compassionate staff.

“Non-judgemental support helped her immensely. The re-emergence of my real daughter was an extraordinary thing to see – the sunny and caring woman was back, the monster created by drugs was gone.”

Are You Looking for Help?

If you or a loved one are facing substance abuse issues, don’t worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can stop and keep it that way. We understand that this is a difficult period of your life and we are able to help you. Please call 1800 88 33 88 to arrange free, no-obligation consultation or leave your details below.