Family Programs

When someone becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, the whole family suffers. A loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction often causes significant stress and strain that can push people to breaking point. We often see family members that are traumatised, exhausted, angry and completely lost with what to do next.

As well as treating the individual we work closely with their family to address the helplessness and frustration commonly experienced by those affected by addiction. We also focus on family support and guidance throughout the duration and after completion of all our programs that create constructive and healthy family dynamics to manage long-term recovery.

How our program works:

The Hader Clinic Family Program brings together both the family and the client in an integrated treatment program that included one-to-one counselling, group therapy and educational classes. Clinical research shows that the inclusion of family members in the treatment process enhances the likelihood of the drug user achieving long-term success.

We offer a supportive and practical program that will fast track your families recovery. Our family coordinator will ensure you feel supported and cared for during this process and be there with you all the way.

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“I saw that my son had a full time job ahead of him if he wanted to get well. And he has. I have never been more proud of anything that he has achieved.”

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