Family intervention for drug and alcohol addiction

Drug intervention services for a loved one

When you contact The Hader Clinic about a family drug intervention, you are helping a family member or friend more than you know. No matter the situation, we are here to offer you and your loved one support, backed by over 20 years of experience in addiction treatment.

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When it comes to getting your loved one into rehab, we know that the window for the acceptance can be small. We are here to work with you to get them the help they need. If you have a family member in crisis, call us. We offer priority admittance for patients.

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How we help families and friends seeking substance abuse intervention

The Hader Clinic helps patients overcome addiction using a holistic model of care. When your family member or friend begins a specialised treatment program, they receive treatment for every facet of life afflicted by addiction, including those of a physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual nature. Using this all-encompassing approach to drug and alcohol intervention, we can provide them with the best chance of ongoing success. They can begin their journey towards freedom from addiction by following these steps:

We know addiction through and through. No matter how hopeless and difficult it seems, we want you to know that it is a normal, common situation. Together, we can help your family member or friend find a new way forward.

The Hader Clinic’s Jackson Oppy explains how addicts are not able to predict how much they are going to use once they start using or control their use.

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Family or friend intervention services, step by step

Book a free 60-Minute Consultation

To understand your loved one's specific situation, we conduct a free 60-Minute Consultation — a thorough drug abuse intervention. After we gain some insight into their struggle with addiction, we can begin developing a specialised treatment plan that will see them through.

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  3. Priority admission for critical cases
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28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program

Following the consultation, your family member or friend is admitted to a 28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program, focused on detox and managing the physical symptoms of withdrawal. All patients of The Hader Clinic go through this process as their first introduction to a new life free from addiction.

  1. Your loved one attends our specialised medical detox centre
  2. Patients take part in group and individual therapy sessions
  3. They receive ongoing support through all facets of our holistic treatment model
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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program helps your family member or friend readjust to a life free from addiction. We apply the same holistic model of care in this phase, with an increasing focus on assisting patients to find their own sense of responsibility, accountability, and most importantly, independence.

  1. Your loved one attends our second stage treatment facility
  2. Patients learn more about their struggle with addiction through counselling
  3. Your loved benefits from ongoing support from peers and staff
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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

Following the second stage treatment program, your family member or friend may require ongoing personal care and maintenance in the future. The Hader Clinic offers a comprehensive aftercare program, allowing you the best possible chance of long term freedom from addiction.

  1. Transitional Housing supports the reintegration of your loved one into society
  2. Ongoing counselling and support programs
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Drug intervention steps for a loved one suffering from addiction

When it comes to facing addiction, the first step is always the most difficult. Substance abuse interventions are where other family members come together to help an addict understand how their addiction is affecting everyone around them. Acknowledging and confronting addiction is a hard but necessary first step towards helping addicts start the recovery process.

Emotions always run high when drug and alcohol interventions are started. It's incredibly important that, before you undertake an intervention for a loved one, that you thoroughly plan an intervention. This will ensure that all present are on the same page, presenting a united front of love and support to the addict.

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We specialise in supporting families wanting to start interventions into addiction. When you contact The Hader Clinic, we will send you an Intervention Information Pack by email or fax. This thorough document outlines the rest of the process. Our interventionist will then contact you.

Gather family and friends

The next steps need the support of a cohesive unit of people that care about the addict. Family and friends will be asked to write letters of love and support to the addict, free from any anger, resentment, or judgement. This process will ensure that the response is measured and never emotionally charged.

Meet with interventionist

The night before the event, family and friends will meet with our interventionist in a convenient location. This session will be a run-through of the 60-Minute Consultation process. The interventionist will also liaise with family members to get a thorough understanding of the situation.

Intervention takes place

The following day, the interventionist facilitates the intervention with all family members. You can now present the addict with a treatment option, and if willing, they will be escorted to the treatment facility to begin the treatment process.

Treatment can begin

The addict will start their first 28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program with The Hader Clinic, where they will be detoxed and helped through withdrawal. Throughout this process, The Hader Clinic will liaise with the interventionist and offer ongoing support to the family, advising them of the progression of treatment.

Testimonials from families and friends of patients

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