When Hell Freezes Over


When Hell Freezes Over by Jackson Oppy

Ice has taken families, society and the drug-addiction treatment sector by surprise. Young users often bypass alcohol, ‘soft’ and party drug use, so the first mind-altering substance they try is ice, the world’s strongest stimulant. A new kind of mature addict has also emerged, a drug-using individual who seemed to manage to navigate life normally before, and then suddenly abandoned everything when they discovered ICE. People become unmanageable, unpredictable, withered, psychotic, mumbling ghosts within months. 

The core of this book is not the drug, but the addict who desperately needs help, and the people around the addict who need clear and practical information about the solution. With the right treatment, addicts do recover.

This book will provide you clear and practical understanding of how and why addicts behave the way we do and what YOU can do to help.

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