Recent government announcements have stated that Centrelink recipients that fail drug and alcohol tests will lose some or all of their entitlements.

Substance Dependence Disorder is a globally recognised psychiatric illness as outlined in the global bible of psychiatry, The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-V).

Therefore we are punishing people that have a recognised mental illness. If this is the new status quo, will we also be penalising those with Bi-polar, Clinical Depression and Schizophrenia that do not make their appointments on time? I doubt it. We will accept their doctor’s certificate and show these mentally ill individuals the love and compassion they deserve.

However, not those suffering Substance Dependence Disorder, we’re cutting them off. Why? Because despite ALL the evidence to prove that addicts are sick people, we just can’t stomach the fact that our hard earned taxes might be spent on drugs. “How dare these people take our money and have a good time while were at work paying for their Centrelink!!!”  This moral disgust is based in the belief that these drug taking “dole bludgers” are having a good time.

Let’s take a closer look at this assumption:

  • Addicts face the highest level of homelessness of all social demographics
  • Addicts face the highest rate of suicide of all social demographics
  • Addicts face the highest rate of co-morbid mental health illness of all social demographics
  • Addicts face the lowest level of per capita treatment funding off all mental health disorders.
  • Addicts face extremely high levels of relapse after treatment.
  • Addicts face the highest level of public stigma of all mental health disorders.
  • Addicts face the highest levels of financial destitution of mental health disorders.
  • Addicts face 6-9 months waiting list to access live in rehab treatment.

And if that’s not enough fun yet, addicts will now lose their Centrelink benefits if we “catch them” with Substance Dependence Disorder as well!!!!

Yep, sounds like a real hoot to me. How dare these bludgers seek any help? In fact, I’d like to know where can I catch this Substance Dependence Disorder? I want it now. Who wouldn’t?

The globally recognised Gold Standard of Treatment for Substance Dependence Disorder is 90 Days live in residential therapeutic care.  Other treatment modalities, such a short term detoxes or drug replacement therapy is PROVEN to have marginal success. Why does government keep ignoring the solution and seek to keep punishing their way out of addiction. It makes as much sense as trying to punish people out of Bi-Polar Disorder or Schizophrenia. It might make us feel good to get these “good time bludgers” off the dole. But it shows a society and government completely ignorant to the issue they are attempting to resolve. In years to come our treatment of addicts will be regarded as akin to our treatment of the stolen generation. “We’re very sorry, but we thought we were doing the right thing at the time.”

Treatment resolves illnesses, not punishments. Wake Up Australia.

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