Our Holistic Addiction Treatment Model

The Hader Clinic uses a model of addiction treatment which we refer to as holistic. This is nothing to do with hocus pocus (although some alternative therapies complement the healing process) but is a carefully researched, evidence-based philosophy of how to deal with the complex issue of addiction.

Our holistic treatment model was established in 1997 and is continually being improved to keep current with emerging best practice. We employ a client based approach which means each person has a treatment plan which fits their history and personality. Within this, we employ a variety of counselling models including CBT and proven psychological interventions and techniques.

The Hader Clinic’s treatment cycle aims at success long term and in order to achieve this, our program must address all aspects of the client’s life. Addiction and alcoholism have far-reaching effects and often once someone stops using it becomes apparent just how substance abuse has touched every area of his or her life. Therefore, in order to heal and blossom in recovery we need to help you address the mind, body and spirit.

The Hader Clinic holistic treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol



The first part of drug and alcohol treatment for many clients is a detox from their substance or substances of choice, this is the first step towards recovery. We have a medical team that prescribe any medications needed and monitor clients during this time to ensure they are kept as comfortable as possible. One of the first physical aspects we help with is nutrition and we promote the CSIRO diet and healthy eating. Furthermore, once clients are well enough, we have a structured exercise program which incorporates different kinds of fitness including yoga.


We have a clinical psychologist and trained counsellors who work one on one with clients to explore the deeper reasons behind their drug and alcohol use. Our range of psychological techniques also addresses different ways of dealing with cravings and recognising the signs and symptoms of relapse.


We provide intensive counselling sessions, group therapy and family therapy sessions to help clients deal with their feelings in a different way. Our program encourages people to find new emotional solutions and there is an emphasis on educating our clients and their families about addiction.


Addiction is an isolating experience and learning how to have fun and interact with other people can be really challenging. The Hader Clinic’s holistic addiction treatment model provides a number of different ways to facilitate this. One of the important components is connecting with peer support groups outside of rehab and continuing attendance once you leave. Re-establishing relationships with family is a second key element and we find those who have family involved in their recovery have an improved chance of success.


Sometimes people see this part of the program misinterpret it and are put off. However, there is nothing religious about it at all and it looks different for different people. Essentially, it is about fostering a better relationship with yourself and a connection with the world around you. One of the ways that we encourage people to do this is by being part of a community and giving back to it.

“I have been participating at this program and found it to be one of the most positive decisions I have made in my life so far.”

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