Addiction Counselling & Outpatient Rehab Support Services Available

Located in inner suburban Melbourne, the team at The Hader Clinic are experienced professionals at treating addiction. We know how damaging, isolating and chaotic that alcohol and drug abuse can be, both for individuals and their loved ones.

We also know that recovery from alcohol and drugs doesn’t occur overnight, and that rehab is not just a “quick fix”. Long-term sobriety is a possibility, but it requires hard work, persistence and a continuum of care to ensure that our clients don’t return to the old patterns of self-medication with drugs and alcohol.

While residential rehab centres are the best starting point on the journey of recovery, there is a need for continual progress and long-term behavioural change to both improve the quality of life in the recovering person and to ensure that the risk of relapse is greatly diminished.

The Benefits of Addiction Counselling & Rehab Outpatient Support

Outpatient support helps those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction to rediscover, reintegrate and re-engage with society and with their lives. Often our clients go on to work, study and raise families, and those that had established lives but lost them due to their addiction go on to win them back.

However, living life without substances, for the addicted person, can be a challenging and frustrating experience. The Hader Clinic recognises this and also recognises the need for continuing and intensive outpatient support so that our clients are supported as they go back to, or begin, their lives.

Our Addiction Counselling & Rehab Outpatient Support

Program Offers

  • Daily check-ins at our Melbourne clinic
  • Individual counselling with our trained and experienced staff
  • UDS Screens to encourage accountability
  • Group therapy
  • CBT
  • Peer Support
“I realise I am not responsible for my disease but I am responsible for my recovery.”

Are You Looking for Help?

If you or someone you care for is fighting a battle with addiction, don’t despair. There is hope and help available for you. We understand the pain, frustration and fear that you may be experiencing and therefore offer a kind and compassionate service. Please phone us on 1800 88 33 88 or use the form below to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation.