A New Approach to 90 Day Rehab Programs by the Hader Clinic

90 Days to Freedom

30 days intensive to 60 days of practice

Practical and affordable rehab programs which teach life skills

Anyone familiar with the world of drug and alcohol rehabilitation or doing some research into attending a program will have discovered a 90-day stay yields the best results. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter if you attend a posh luxury private rehab or a grim state-funded substance abuse clinic.

Any 90-day rehab program with a 12 step philosophy, process groups and effective one on one counselling, increases your chances of successfully living drug and alcohol-free long term to around a 75% (depending on the stats of each clinic). Many different pieces of research have proven this is the optimum period of time needed to establish new habits. Moreover, ‘new habits’ can mean anything from stopping taking Ice to attending the gym regularly or stopping sugar in your coffee.

Now you may be turning off and stopping reading….utterly dismayed at the thought of being locked up for 90 days with no contact with the real world. You just have one too many on the odd occasion, right? Please hang in there and keep reading, it might just save your life and a world of pain.

Are you crazy – I can’t lock myself up for 90 days!

Many people about to enter addiction treatment, especially those who haven’t yet reached a state of utter demoralization, find the 90 days solution outrageously extreme. SO, where does that leave people who want to give themselves the best chance but simply can’t face 90 days of inpatient rehab? And let’s make no bones about it, 3 months of inpatient rehab equates to being told what to do and when to do it from the minute you wake until you go to bed for a whole nine zero days of addiction treatment.

One of the most common reasons that people leave after 30 or 60 days is because they feel that they are ‘ready’. They feel that have learnt all they can. They are champing at the bit to practice their new way of life. This enthusiasm for a clean and sober life is great but 90 is still the magic number. The Hader Clinic, Melbourne has developed a way to work with these expectations.

Going to Rehab should be about re-entering life

The Hader Clinic has created a ground-breaking new Recovery Package which breaks down as 30 days of intensive inpatient rehab followed by 60 days of a full-time program with substantially more freedom to start building the life you deserve.

In other words, the theory is to provide a concentrated, fully supervised learning phase followed by a less restricted practice phase. Phase 2 offers the opportunity to connect with life in a myriad of different ways. Find out about volunteering opportunities, investigate returning to education or start looking for a job. Get involved with sporting activities like football, wall climbing, playing golf, and other team building events.

Awaken old passions and try new things which push you out of your comfort zone. Succeed at things you thought impossible and realise that the options for life are infinite and fabulous. Build solid foundations for the life you have always dreamed of which makes it so much harder to go back to your old ways. And you can do all this ‘life stuff’ with the support of continued process groups, one on one counselling and the help of the familiar Hader staff.

Additionally, during the second phase, clients have the freedom to attend the recovery meetings they want to as well as get involved with service at these meetings. Clients are expected and encouraged to take responsibility for their own recovery resulting in an ever-growing sense of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. If you feel good about yourself and your place in the world then destroying yourself is not an attractive option.

Relapse prevention and working on triggers

Furthermore, Phase 2 gives an ideal opportunity to deal with the things that could potentially threaten your recovery in a safe, supported, drug-free environment. Life throws up curved balls the more you engage with it and this is the best place to learn how to successfully address these. Relapse prevention is an essential component of any effective rehab program. Phase 2 deals with things in real time, as they happen with a multitude of psychological and emotional support both from staff and other residents. The immediacy of this sets it apart from other relapse prevention options offered by other programs.

Check in before you lose everything to drugs and alcohol – Who knew you could!

An increasing number of people are seeking rehab sooner in their drinking and using careers and at a younger age. As an awareness of addiction and alcoholism grows so too does the number of people checking into drug and alcohol rehab before the bailiffs are knocking at the door and before they have lost everything. There is no need to check in with everything you own in a plastic bag having spent the night in the Park Bench Hilton.

If you are drinking a little too much every night, dabbing with one too many chemicals and drawing negative comments from your friends and family…..it’s just possible you qualify. Don’t let the idea of being locked up put you off saving your life. The whole idea of 90 Days to Freedom is the total opposite to this, The Hader Clinic believes the sooner you re-engage with life the better you will do.

Ninety is the magic number

Complete 90 days to freedom and change your life for the better. This is a rehab program that teaches the life skills you need to be able to successfully build yourself a recovery worth living for. To find out more, call the team at the Hader Clinic today for a free consultation.