The Hader Clinic Addiction and Mental Health Specialists

Am I living with an Addict?

A solution for suffering addicts and families

What is addiction?

Are they just having fun?

Will they grow out of it?

Why won’t they stop?

Why do they lie so much?

Why are they so selfish?

Why did this happen?


WHAT: The Hader Clinic Team cordially invite you to a day-long seminar especially designed for the family members of people who abuse drugs and alcohol.

WHERE: At the Alfred Medical Research Educational Precinct Lecture Theatre

WHEN: Saturday 1st of December from 9 am until 5 pm

HOW: Core topics include:

  • What is Addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • What is Recovery – The First Year
  • Boundaries
  • Family Interventions
  • How to get your loved one into treatment
  • Living with Someone in Recovery

Become empowered with new hope and a fresh direction through our multidisciplinary team’s engaging, abridged version of our 6-week educational program. The Hader Clinic is very happy to be able to offer this opportunity to the community.

For further information or to sign up to guarantee your seat or 1800 883388

Please visit Event Brite for tickets which cost $5 and all proceeds over and above the Eventbrite booking fee will go to Les Twentyman Foundation.

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