Can Things Really Change?

Addicts always have the capacity to get well. Hope is never lost while the addict lives. Addicts get clean every day all over the world.

Addiction does not define a person’s character or capabilities. With persistent and appropriate treatment, recovery is not only possible, it is likely.

Please see below real testimonials from people that have experienced our programs.

“Hi Kaye,

Hope you’re well.

I just wanted to send you a note to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for the all the guidance, support and love you have provided me with throughout Jims journey at The Hader Clinic.

I feel like I have learnt and grown so much in the past 6 months and a lot of it is thanks to you and those amazing family sessions. You have not only helped me understand the disease of addiction but also helped me in my recovery. I feel like a new person now 🙂

The Hader Clinic saved Jims life and I will forever be grateful to all the staff at The Hader Clinic. It is still early days but the current and future looks so much brighter for us now.

Although Jim might be coming home next week, you will definitely still see my face at the family meetings. I would love to give back as much as I can to The Hader Clinic.

Thank-you again.


“My life became more unmanageable after nights of either not sleeping, or driving at all times of the night with the two younger boys in the car, looking for my eldest. When I did sleep, my phone was under my pillow, my car keys at the ready, and credit card handy to pay the inevitable cab driver who would front at the door with my eldest son in tow. It took about two more years of unmanageable behaviour until the eldest hit rock bottom with a thud. That day was when he finally surrendered, and accepted that he couldn’t get sober-and-clean by himself.” Continue reading …
A Mother looks back
“When Daniel told me he had a guy who could help me give up the punt I must admit I had my doubts. Well now I have clocked up 174 days and in 4 days it will be 6 months – bloody amazing! I never thought I would be able to stop punting but thanks to Jackson & Sam I finally feel like I am on top of it. Thank you so much, I really owe you my life as I was on a path to nowhere, and fast. Without your amazing compassion you have literally saved my life. I am eternally grateful.”
“On Thursday the 16th of May 2013, I sat in front of you; emotionally disturbed, physically broken, psychologically unstable and in a spiritual wasteland. Tomorrow, God willing, I will have 2 years clean, and I am happy and free again. You helped save my life and I am grateful. Thank you.”
“Thank you so much for saving my life. I can honestly say that if it was not for you I would most probably be dead, or better off dead! Send my love and thanks to Jackson and Lily. Forever grateful, Teresa.”
“My son is very intelligent, strong willed and could not easily be told what to do. I watched him as he became prepared to surrender, to embrace a drug-free life, to commit and work hard at the program. Sure, he is in constant remission but he’s a healthy, functioning, contributing and loving person. Can things really change? Absolutely. ” Continue reading…
Cleano’s Father’s Thoughts
“If an addict decides to get help and get clean, I see a parent’s role as being there to support the addict while accepting that that their child is an addict. As a mother I had to learn to forgive, learn to trust again and be positive about a better future for my daughter. And to get on with my life too!” Continue reading… 
A Mother's Story
“I still get concerned but I learned a lot during this process. I still need a little reassurance, but, if something good can come from something bad, this has been it. I also underwent counselling and therapy to help me understand where I also learned a lot about myself.” Continue reading… 
Father in Torment
“I have attempted recovery and rehabilitation in the past to no avail. This time, with your help, I have at last been offered and embraced a program that has turned my situation, my thoughts, my actions…my life around.”
“I have completed the program and now have the chance to move on in my life substance free.”
Shaun P
“During rehab my daughter went through a huge change for the better. Thanks to the program and staff at The Hader Clinic, she began to see that she could have a good life, live drug and alcohol free, and be grateful for the good things in life.”
“The Hader Clinic helped me understand why I use and what I need to do to stay clean. Equipped with these tools I feel empowered and now live the life I used to dream about.”
“Non-judgemental support helped her immensely. The re-emergence of my real daughter was an extraordinary thing to see – the sunny and caring woman was back, the monster created by drugs was gone.”
“This place has changed my life in all aspects and has given me a purpose and the desire to live a productive life and reach my full potential.”
Francis R
“I am eternally grateful to the staff at The Hader Clinic for what has been a remarkable, life saving and life changing result.”


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