Our Transitional Housing Program

Located in suburban Melbourne, The Hader Clinic offers a transitional housing program. Located in a private home, this supported accommodation provides a place of residence for both women and men who have successfully completed one of our who is successfully completed our residential rehabilitation programs.

The idea of our private supported accommodation house is to help individuals to both integrate the treatment received at the rehab and to also reintegrate into the community. This is best accomplished while still reaping the benefits of the intensive post-treatment support offered by our expert staff.

We recognise the importance of maintaining recovery to ensure long-term sobriety, and our Transitional Housing Program operates under this philosophy.

The Benefits of Transitional Housing

Transitional, or halfway, accommodation is a proven, decades old practice of many drug and alcohol rehab and treatment centres all around the world. The basic concept is to provide a safe, substance-free environment where the client can slowly but surely reintegrate with the larger society while learning to coexist with their peers in a supportive, nurturing and controlled environment.

We offer daily check-ins so our clients can remain current with whatever issues they face in their recovery, peer-support groups where more experienced clients can offer their knowledge, ongoing one-on-one counselling sessions, regular CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), life skills development and recovery-based group therapy. We also perform routine urine drug screen (UDS) and alcohol breath tests to ensure that our transitional house remains a substance-free environment for our client’s well-being and safety.

A Testimonial From One of our Transitional Housing Clients

“At a time of deepest despair, I have discovered hope, hope for myself and my future.”

Are You Looking for Help?

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