7 things to look for when choosing a drug rehab program in Melbourne

The Hader Clinic
The Hader Clinic
February 11, 2020
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Everything you need to consider before taking your first step towards recovery

Deciding to enter rehab is a difficult decision. The next challenge is to choose a clinic that offers a drug rehab program that best meets your needs. But how can you tell whether a program is suitable for you and will help facilitate your recovery?

When it comes to choosing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Melbourne, The Hader Clinic is your best choice. Our programs employ highly successful clinical models to achieve better long-term outcomes for out patients.

This article will cover a few things that you should consider when choosing a drug rehab program in Melbourne. When you're ready, book in with one of our addiction specialists for a Free 60-Minute Consultation to assess your specific needs.

1. Success rate

Ultimately, you want to know that the program you enter will provide you with the best opportunity to overcome your addiction. If the centre can’t give you an indication of how many people have successfully completed the program, you should question how effective their treatment truly is.

Thanks to our experience, we understand that rehab and addiction treatment is an ongoing process. There is no 'success' or 'failure' — but rather an ongoing reevaluation of personal goals and what it takes to achieve them — while staying clear from the grip of addiction.

[content_aside]We don't quantify our successes as percentage. We choose to see each success story as a personal journey. The Hader Clinic is happy to tell you about our success stories. Visit our website to hear patient testimonies, or get in touch with our friendly team.[/content_aside]

2. Genuine outcomes

woman successfully completing treatment

Successfully completing the treatment is one thing, but will you be ready to sustain your recovery for the long term? A quality drug and alcohol rehab program will equip you with the tools, resources, and coping techniques to remain drug-free for as long as you can.

Of course, your will power and determination is a key factor, but it’s the guidance and support that will truly ensure your addiction is behind you. The Hader Clinic also specialises in offering outpatient relapse prevention programs and ongoing family support services to aid your transition to the real world.

3. Holistic addiction treatment

Medication can be used to help you overcome your addiction. So can cognitive behavioural therapy. So can group therapies and other holistic activities. Are there a range of support mechanisms and activities put in place by the rehab centre you are investigating?

Look for a program that includes additional support options — such as counselling and peer groups — that will allow you to share your inner thoughts and talk through your problems. Meditation and yoga are also useful activities to help your mind reset after the trauma of addiction.

In the end, successful addiction treatment is about getting normality back into your life, not just focusing on the effects of the drug itself.

4. Positive reviews

father returning to family after drug rehabilitation

Good reviews speak for themselves. Patients and families are happy to attest to the performance of a treatment facility. When looking to choose a rehab centre for yourself or a loved one, look for detailed, honest reviews about the facility and their services.

The Hader Clinic has dozens of positive reviews from satisfied patients, families, and professionals looking to give their clients the best possible chance at recovery. You can see some of these on our website, or by finding our Google Reviews.

5. Solid accreditation

What sets good treatment facilities apart from lacklustre, unsuccessful ones is accreditations. Accreditations are government benchmarks that treatment facilities must meet if they are to practice at the highest level.

The Hader Clinic meets all required government accreditations. Our friendly staff are also accredited, having trained as medical doctors, clinical psychiatrists, and specialist nurses. We know that you deserve the best in care — that's why we are always at the top of our game.

6. Years of experience

The best treatment comes from clinical expertise backed by experience. If the drug rehab centre you are looking at is only a few years old, chances are that they don't have the experience necessary to provide a good inpatient experience.

The Hader Clinic has more than 20 years' experience treating drug and alcohol addiction in Melbourne. Throughout our history, we've seen it all, from the Victorian heroin epidemic of the 1990s, to the ice crisis facing Australia today. This experience has formed the basis of our clinical treatment models, giving us the expertise to offer better outcomes to our patients.

7. Emergency admission

Finally, when searching for a drug rehab centre, you want them to be there for you when you need it most. Emergency admission allows patients in crisis to seek immediate help. This fast-response clinical assistance can immediately begin addressing the physical and psychological detriments of the patients' situation.

The Hader Clinic offers emergency admission for patients in crisis. As soon as you complete a Free 60-Minute Consultation, you can be admitted into our medical detox and withdrawal treatment facility. We will address your immediate issues with medication, and begin on the path to treating other facets of the disease.

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