I had been using for a few days and had taken refuge at friend’s place. Gordon was kind enough to let me in. I still had plenty of drugs and was literally eating clumps of ice out of a clear sandwich bag. I had spent a day wandering around his house talking to the walls, when Gordon had to go to his day job.

Sometime after his departure, I could ‘hear’ my friend talking to me by telepathy. Gordon was telling me that he had not actually gone to work; he was in fact up the road at no. 20 and I should come on up and join the party.

So I dutifully headed out the door, and up to no. 20. As I approached the place, Gordon kindly telepathically told me not to bother knocking, to just come in. So I opened the door and walked on in.

I confronted a woman resident who stared blankly at me. ‘Is Gordon here?’ I asked. Of course she told me there was no Gordon there. I u-turned and went out the door. There was no dispute.

But, as I reached her front gate, Gordon told me I had got the number wrong. He was at no. 26. So I headed up to 26 and followed the same procedure. As I headed back out from no. 26 feeling rather confused after my second failure, Gordon telepathically told me that I was doing it all wrong and he was actually at no. 28, but this time I must open the front door with my mind. No hands. So I popped in next door.

About a metre or so from the door, I leaned forward with my hands on my knees and began attempting to open the door with my mind. I had been awake for over four days by then and my eyes were very tired, but as I stared at the door handle I saw that it was moving. I was convinced. Just a little more concentration and – Open sesame!

After what must have been half an hour or so, I sensed other people were on the front lawn. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, just their mumbling. I dared not take my eyes of the door handle as I was very close to opening it. So I didn’t look up to see who or how many.

After another half hour or so, I sensed two people were walking towards me. But I still didn’t take my eyes off the door handle. However, as they got closer, into my peripheral vision, I could see they were police. One policeman asked me to stand up and walk towards him. I calmly refused, saying, ‘I am almost finished. Everything’s under control.’ They eventually grabbed me and moved me away from the door.

I was articulate and explained that my friends were inside, that it was all cool and ‘let’s just knock’ on the door. I was stunned to hear the people inside didn’t know me. They had called the cops!

After some further discussion they decided it would be best to just drop me off home at Gordon’s place where I was staying. Thankfully, there was some mail on the kitchen table matching the name Gordon I’d given and they let me be.

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