Helping a Meth Addict

We understand the challenges of meth addiction and are here to help.

Supporting someone struggling with a meth addiction can feel overwhelming at times, especially if your loved one has tried and failed in the past to stay clean. The Hader Clinic has provided this methamphetamine addiction resource to help you better understand how to help someone addicted to meth.


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Knowing how to help a meth addict isn’t easy. The first step is to understand the challenges they’re facing. Meth addiction can cause serious health problems, including heart damage, brain damage, and psychosis. It’s also a highly addictive stimulant drug and one of the most difficult to quit.

If you’re struggling to support a family member or loved one dealing with the negative consequences of their methamphetamine dependence, help is available. The Hader Clinic, the leading drug abuse rehabilitation treatment centre in Melbourne, provides holistic crystal meth drug rehab for meth addicts and support services to their friends and family. 

Don’t give up hope. The Hader Clinic is with you every step of the way.

The Hader Clinic explains how addicts are not able to predict how much they are going to use once they start using or control their use.


There are many tools and resources available to help you support a meth addict in their efforts to get clean and stay clean, but it’s important to remember that ultimately, the decision to get clean is up to the addict. If you’re supporting someone with a meth addiction, it can feel overwhelming, but there are some things you can do.

Tip 1: Educate Yourself

One of the best ways to learn how to deal with meth addicts is to educate yourself about addiction and meth specifically. This will help you understand their challenges and better equip you to help them.

There are many resources available to learn more about addiction, including:

  • Books
  • Websites
  • Support groups
  • Counsellors
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Tip 2: Don’t Enable

It’s important not to enable an addict’s meth use. This means not doing things that make it easier for them to use meth or help them avoid their addiction's negative consequences.

For example, you might be tempted to lie to protect them from getting in trouble at work or school. But this will only make it easier for them to continue using.

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Tip 3: Get Support

Dealing with a loved one’s substance abuse can be difficult and emotional. It’s important to get support for yourself so that you can deal with your own feelings. Confiding in a friend is a good start. You could also consider:

  • Support groups: Many support groups provide emotional support and practical advice for dealing with addiction.
  • Counselling: Counselling can help you deal with your feelings and learn how to support your loved one in a healthy way.
  • Schools: Many schools offer counselling services for students dealing with addiction. This can be a great resource for both you and your child.
  • Private detox centres: Facilities like The Hader Clinic provide holistic treatment programs and support for addicts and their families.
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Tip 4: Take care of yourself

Caring for someone with a meth addiction can be draining. It’s important to ensure you take care of yourself physically and emotionally. This includes:

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercising
  • Take breaks when you need them
  • Talking to someone about what you’re going through
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Step 5: Have realistic expectations

Recovery from addiction is a long and difficult journey, and there will be setbacks. It’s important to be patient and remind your loved ones that they’re strong enough to overcome this addiction, but it’s also important to have realistic expectations. 

Addiction is a chronic disease, which means there is no cure. However, with treatment and support, many people can lead healthy and productive lives.

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Living with a meth addict is incredibly difficult. You may feel like you’re walking on eggshells, never knowing what to expect. If you’re struggling to cope with a loved one’s addiction, it’s important to get help.


The Hader Clinic’s Family and Friends Intervention Program is designed to help you have a constructive conversation with your loved one about their addiction and its impact on your life. We can provide you with:

  • Resources on how to approach the addicted person 
  • Tips on getting them to agree to enter treatment
  • Specific support for family and friends to help you deal with your own emotions 


Once they enter a treatment facility, their individually tailored inpatient treatment process will be guided by a medical professional who can begin a medically supervised detox. Your loved one will also have the benefits of:

  • Medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms
  • A variety of inpatient treatment options including mental health services
  • Outpatient treatment and relapse prevention
  • Meth family therapy and peer support groups

If you’re struggling to cope with meth addiction in your family, please reach out for help. The Hader Clinic is here to support you through this difficult time.

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Frequently asked questions about treatments and support for meth abuse

How can I get a meth addict to rehab?

The Hader Clinic has a comprehensive intervention process that can help you have a constructive conversation with your loved one about their addiction or substance use disorder and its impact on your life. Our goal is to get them into a dedicated meth addiction treatment and start on the path to recovery.

Reach out to The Hader Clinic to help. We can provide you with the necessary tools and information and even be there for the intervention to give you the best chance of success. Our presence may also be useful in mitigating any risk to yourself or others, as meth addiction can lead to psychosis and violent and aggressive behaviours; your safety is of our utmost concern.

What kind of treatments are available for meth addiction?

There are several different treatment options available for meth addiction, depending on the severity of the addiction. Inpatient detox and rehabilitation programs offer the most comprehensive care, but outpatient programs can also be effective. The important thing is to find a treatment program that’s right for your loved one and that they’re committed to completing.

What can I do to support a meth addict in treatment?

The best thing you can do is be supportive and understanding. It’s important to remember that addiction is a chronic disease, which means there is no cure. However, with treatment and support, many people are able to lead healthy and productive lives.

If you’re struggling to cope with a meth addiction in your family, please contact us. The Hader Clinic is here to support you through this difficult time.

What is involved in meth treatment at The Hader Clinic?

The Hader Clinic offers a comprehensive inpatient detox and rehabilitation program for meth addiction. Our goal is to help our patients detox safely and effectively and provide them with the tools they need to rebuild their lives free from substance abuse. Treatment includes individual and group counselling, 12-step programs, medical care (for meth mouth and meth sores), and more.

Do you provide support for meth addicts who also have mental health concerns?

Yes. The Hader Clinic offers a dual diagnosis program for patients with both meth addiction and a mental health disorder. We believe concurrently treating addiction, and underlying mental health conditions is essential for long-term recovery.

I’m struggling to cope with my loved one’s meth addiction and drug use. Where can I get help?

If you’re struggling to cope with meth addiction in your family, please reach out for help. The Hader Clinic is here to support you through this difficult time. We can provide you with resources on how to deal with your own emotions and support you through your loved one’s journey to sobriety.

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